Time to clean a window using WFP


Got asked to give a quote to a local company and just curious about how long it would take per pane of glass? Thanks I’m advance for the advice! Took photos so everyone could see about the size of the glass.


I can do them in less than 30 seconds a piece using a pole for the highs. I would wet 3-5 windows depending on temperature and sun location, than squeegee them down with straight pulls. If you need to scrap each one using the pol than maybe at most 1 minute each. I know others will call BS but windows don’t take long at all.


Once you’re set up and at the glass it should be about 30 seconds each, barring any hydrophobic issues.

Row by row all the way down, that way you have drip time before going back to the start.


Using wfp like most other methods will vary slightly by height. Being faster the lower you get.