Thoughts on domain name


So my current website name is just way too long (the contact email is absolutely atrocious). I’m getting the truck lettered and realized now would be the time to fix that. Currently it’s wyomingvalleywindowwashing. I’m considering:


What do you guys think is best?

#2 and are both available. Either one will fit on a license plate… just saying


That’s awesome!


I like Alex’s suggestions for domain name for you Daniel. Keeping it simple is key easy to read and remember.
Hope spring rocks for you!


I agree
Alex’s system for the vehicle’s tag being put to use in advertising the domain is brilliant.


thats EPIC!


I like Alex’s recs too.


Keep it long! Good for seo, easy to remember and easy to say, just long to write.


He can keep the long domain for his site and online directory listings, but use the shorter domain for all of his print/visual marketing and just have it redirect.

There’s a right way to do that so you don’t get penalized by Google, right @SqueegeeNinjaNJ? Or do they not care about redirects anymore?

At any rate, my understanding is that the actual domain wording has much less impact on SEO than it used to.


Yeah, it’s real easy…

Don’t put up crap content.


There’s a lot of discussion on EMDs (Exact Mach Domains), but honestly, it really doesn’t make a difference.

The quality of the website and content matters more than anything.

Admittedly, there was a time that I was a domain junkie. I had 160+ domains, one for every little town around here. There came a time where I realized that its better to focus on one or two “powerhouse” websites than try to rank things like upperhiberniaandgreenpondwindowlcleaningguttercleaningandpowerwashingfullyinsuredandfivestarratingcalltoday9736188886foryourfreeestimate dot com.

Keeping it simple is best. If I could get my hands on a 2 or 3 letter domain, I would do it.

Please notice - you are reading this post on :wink:


Don’t forget the other extensions too, because it doesn’t have to be a .COM

There are lots of short names available for the other extensions, and they are easy to remember too…

…is available for anyone willing to shell out $5,000 for it.

I opted for …

…it is premium too, but I am considering selling it now. (thought I may be better off with a WFP ) :wink: