Thought you guys would get a laugh out of this haha



Excuse me sir, could you cut your price by 33% AND do a rush job?

LMAO. Sorry lady, you want me to squeeze you in before then? It’s $600.

What kind of tie did she give you? Was it a Jerry Garcia tie? :grin:


“Sure, I can clean only the outside for $200.” :grinning:


This ^^^


Sure, I can get the price down to 250… which windows do you NOT want done? But rush jobs cost $100 more so…


That’s everyday life here, and the answer is just no and no.


What is the “Thank you for your tie” about, did you miss spell time?

I prefer “consideration” when sending out quotes.


Send a written quote, not a text. Like a proper quote. I find that people never counter my prices when it is in a formal medium.

A text is far too easy for someone to work you on your price.

Give them a quote in ink.