This will make you money!


I had another man comment on my work today. He said , “now that’s the way to clean windows!”. I just said tools and technique. It is all about the tools. How could we clean windows without a squeegee or a WFP? Chemical products are the same. But they are not all the same. Some sealants are the absolute best. Some only last a single day. Some solvents will soften silicone caulk. Others won’t even soften water based paint. But who is to know? So I have set up a little “lab” for testing all of these products. And I have begun writing a newsletter to document the results. So you don’t have to. This latest letter is called the Glass Smart Mirror. The first issue in April is about testing sealants to see how they resist scratches. I have tested Nanovations NG1010, Enduroshield, and Rain X for scratch resistance. Something no one has done.

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