Things you won’t do anymore as a window cleaner


I see your points as well.

But I’d disagree with there being less risk. Sometimes you can’t see the damage a previous contractor has done until you have the glass clean. Then who gets the blame?

Also a CCU isn’t something that most window cleaners do. It takes skill and knowledge to do it right and safely. Why shouldn’t your skill and knowledge be compensated fairly?


Do maintenance cleans have similar chance of risks?

I hear more of accusations of scratches coming from maintenance cleans or 1st time clean that aren’t ccu.

The guys who do ccu know the proper procedures. It’s the casual cleaner that uses harsh methods to remove stubborn debris that causes damage.

I figure by doubling regular pane price accounts for the extended process.

Especially with stance from manufacturers and warning that states all surfaces must be covered until final phase helps the cleaners now.


Another great benefit I find from CCU commercial or residential is these accounts have a very high opportunity to become maintenance cleans into the future.


That’s funny!


There are always things we would prefer not to do.

What I reinforce to employees and myself is that we have very few jobs that are not the best types to clean but they are far enough between that when they do come along we just suck it up and move on.

It is what we make of it.

Running a solo operation obviously allows you to pick and choose more.


relativity can kick in too

all the pain in the neck jobs are fired, let go, whatever, lo pays, slow pays, pickies, don’t stay on schedule etc

you now have a holy grail schedule

guess what, after a bit you find there’s a new set of jobs and customers that become the NEW pain in the neck

pretty soon there’s only one perfect individual and job left lol, well, that becomes the benchmark in the minds eye anyway

human nature can be a trip


you said it, suck it up and move on and its what we make of it for those jobs that are far and few inbetween

find a way to enjoy some aspect of that job

one foot in front of the other and in no time the day or job is over

Categories of jobs, like CCU are different. some plumbers only do new construction, others remodels, others service only, similar deal to x out a category of work. how many x out storefront, same deal as not doing ccu


Post construction clean


Deal with ANY customer named- Karen. Just don’t do it… Say no! lol.