Things you won’t do anymore as a window cleaner


I used to LOVE doing them, I’d live on that stress!

That’s back before I learned about this new word, called “No thank you”.

I then started to realize that whenever I’m doing a CCU, that is exactly when people who pay right away and want you in and out as quickly as possible started calling but I couldn’t take care of them because all resources are tied up.

Yeah. hind sight right…


Speaking of tips, I worked for a guy a while back that got a $150 tip on a condo we cleaned. Heard the lady say she was giving it because it was the holidays. Guy gave me and the other cleaner $10 each. I bit my tounge but he lost my respect that day for sure. He made really good money and mostly on luck as he never advertised or anything and worked on word of mouth alone. Crazy but motivated me to start my own thing.


Guess I’m lucky too. I think its brilliant and keeps more money where it should be.

If you think its luck to have a successful business with no advertising, working on word of mouth you should think more about it.

You work in an industry with repetitive work. Building on to your customer base each year. For the majority in this business you should reach a strong customer base within a few years. If not you should rethink your process.


luck has noting to do with it , as for the tip …total loser for not at lease splitting with who he has with him.


I call it luck because that’s what he called it all the time. His entire customer base basically are all related to one another. Apparently the first one was like his first week knocking doors. Had just read a book he got online about window cleaning. Anyway, I know enough that it’s difficult to build a business, or in his case keep them all happy all the time.

I was just talking about the tip really. I would never not evenly split a tip. Usually I give them to any helper who is with me. It’s amazing how much better people are when they know there’s a chance to go home with even a little money. Gas cards work great too. With a tip that the customer intends for everyone it’s a bit much to keep most like that in my opinion. It hurt morale pretty bad is all I know.


THANKS, TSS!!! I thought I’d been transported to an alternate universe. I’d LOVE to get those jobs that some of these pansies say they won’t do anymore. YOU KNOW WHAT I WON’T DO ANYMORE? Disappoint my clients because a job is too difficult, or because I don’t particularly like storms or skylights. I’m a freaking servant who gets paid really well, and I never let my ego get in the way of that simple truth…


Not that I believe in luck, but I don’t agree that consistently good accounts and customers and money happen by chance. Maybe once in awhile.
That said, the owner was way out of line for keeping $130 of $150 tip. Unless it specifically stated that such and such is for me or me and my family, it goes to everyone who is with me at the time.


For me, it was a simple “Thank you”

Had he said that, I would have made him more money.

It was a Saturday, it rained over 2 inches, he was still in the same clothes as 7am. All he said was “see you Monday”


Fine by me. You can have all the scut work. I’ll stick with the more profitable and more simple work. I wish you were down here in TX - I’d forward the stuff to you.


What ever you say superstar !!! More than likely new to the business . Keep being a slave , you didn’t earn your stripes yet !!





Youngster, my crew and I did pretty well on this job and finished last week. Keep posting what you won’t do, and “slaves” like me will continue to eat the lunch of those with huge egos who refuse to serve.


You posted this job over on the PWRA and everyone was happy for you over there, myself included. I don’t understand why you come over to this side of the forums and call people pansies and tell them they have huge egos?

I am not a pansy and I don’t have a huge ego, but I wouldn’t want that job for 5k. I am glad you got it and I am happy that you are happy with what you made. In my opinion you should be happy I don’t want the job, that makes it easier for you to get.

I am a solo operator and I like to keep it that way for the most part, so I don’t want to spend two weeks on a CCU. I would rather take other jobs.

I guess I don’t get why you seem so irritated.



There someone with a huge ego , an it’s not me.
Am I supposed to be impressed with these pictures , or something ?
I’ve done hundreds of houses like this , an bigger , construction cleans , Maintenance cleans , exterior cleaned. Whatever !!!
Thanks for the laugh though , guys like me don’t need to use home adviser to get houses like this, but have fun waiting for your money. I choose to clean , an get paid that day.
I also choose what I want to do , an what I don’t want to do. If I couldn’t fill my schedule I would probably still be doing the Scrub work , but not necessary rookie … good luck !!!
What’s funny is you seem to think we don’t do it , because we can’t , not the case …Think again rookie !


Less irritated than disappointed when egos get in the way of happiness.

I couldn’t be happier for you…

Thanks… and yes I recently (August 1st of last year) began my business on the premise that I would do whatever it took to be successful. I find that doing what you aren’t willing to do assures my success. That is my biggest and most profitable job do date and I thank you for your good wishes. The point I make when I insult those who are too good to do “scut work” (my apologies) is that it might be the wrong impression to give to the rookie (like me) who might need encouragement and leadership and not whining about the bad jobs that nobody really likes

Good luck to you, AND Joe.


Good job. More of a project than I would want, but congrats nonetheless.

BTW - check out the post on Filthy Houses. Sounds like there is some more work that the pansies are turning down. I’m sure your crew will love you for it!




As anyone that has been in business will tell you:
Just because it’s money, doesn’t make it GOOD money.

If you don’t know how to say no when it’s the right time to say no, you’ll eventually be the guy who fails. You can’t be everything to everyone, or you never get good at ANYTHING.

The great thing about being in business for yourself, is that you can run it about any way you want. But that doesn’t mean you are going to always be successful or be building something great.

There is usually good reason why someone would turn down work…


“Thanks… and yes I recently (August 1st of last year) began my business on the premise that I would do whatever it took to be successful. I find that doing what you aren’t willing to do assures my success.”

I thought that way at first as well.

Eventually you will find that the true key to success is knowing the difference between good money and bad money. Its an epiphany that comes to all of us at some point.

$4000 at my company should be 3.5 days, 2 people.

I passed on a monster job this spring, right up the road from me, that would have been a $26,000 property that would have taken 3 guys the better part of a month to do and fell outside of the range of our insurance (technically 4 to 5 stories, we could have done it with a WFP and some creative ladder work, but we’re not covered for up that high). Its a senior living complex, so the interiors would have been a tremendous hassle as well.

In September, we hired the former operations manager of the company that did the job. Their $12,000 bid included 5-7 guys on site for over a month, in May and June (busy season). Apparently they were killing themselves to get it done, and I don’t know how the company made a dime off it, especially in peak season where “good money” flows like an open faucet.

That same 5-7 guys over, lets say 6 weeks, would gross our company $108,000, minimum, without breaking a sweat. At the same time, companies that want every single job are our best competitors. Somebody’s gotta do that tedious, unprofitable stuff, and its sure as hell not gonna be me :wink:


Well spoken Chris. It can be easy to get upside down on difficult jobs, and I get that. NONETHELESS, I am in the service business. That makes me and my employees servants who are in the business of making people happy. When a job is too difficult, I price it high. However, I have only been in business for about 15 months and haven’t earned my stripes as @Majestic66 so eloquently put it. I haven’t reached that place where I turn down difficult jobs. When I get those difficult jobs, we work hard but so far we’ve yet to be upside down on a job.

I am committed to serving my customers and clients. Their happiness and gratitude are vital to my success and happiness.

My choice of the word pansy to those who limit their service was unfortunate. Thanks to those of you who broadened my frame of reference and called me out for my narrow-mindedness.