Things you won’t do anymore as a window cleaner


Oh, yeah…32’ is crazy. Agreed. It looks kinda short in the pic.


What was the task?


Personally, I hate getting tipped, and refuse as much as possible.

  • it may be for some “quick little add on” that should have been charged more.
  • I don’t ever like anything from anyone… I dislike receiving xmas gifts. lol


Wiping down a ledge with the customers towel. It hadn’t been touched in 10 years and was covered in the thickest dust I’ve ever dealt with.


I’m an owner/operator and back to 1 employee. I give him 100% of the tips. I feel like I do pretty good hourly already, and I know he can use it a lot more. He typically gets anywhere $20-100/week in tips.


That is very good of you. I will start doing the same.


I give my guys tips.
But I dont like them wondering… “hmm maybe this lady seems like the type to tip… maybe I will do something extra.”

Id rather not get into it… do an awesome job, at the agreed price/wage.


Or better yet.

You are 99% finished.

  • cust comes out with the check, and says “I added $20 bucks for the nice work.”

Cool. Your guys ears perk up and they say thanks.

NOW, cust says… “Hey, if I throw in an extra $50… can you guys clean my Coach Lamps?”

Twenty minutes later… how much are you paying your guys for that extra 20 mins?
The $50?
Or ‘wage plus tip?’


Wage + tip ($20). I look at that $50 as covering the cost for cleaning the coach lamps. Just part of the cleaning service.


But in their minds, they now heard “$20 + $50” tip.


As I said many times before… I personally dont like tips.

  • Job done
  • Write the check
  • On to the next job.


Honestly, I’ve never had that happen, so I don’t know what the employee(s) would consider tip vs. service in this scenario. The way you set it up makes it sound like the customer is offering $50 to add more cleaning. I don’t look at that as a tip. Maybe the employee would see it as a tip in this hypothetical situation, but again I’ve never had it happen. I’m very open and honest with the tips I receive. I’m also happy to pay them these tips because I know it keeps them happy and motivated.


I like your reasoning. Keep it simple.


Yup. I learned that an owner shouldn’t take tips back in my restaurant days, when the owners would take a cut of the tips and I would fume about it.


I’m starting to realize why guys don’t do CCU’s anymore… They are STRESSFUL! :frowning:


What I don’t do:

  1. Bargain on prices. If they don’t like my bid I thank them for their time and move on.
  2. Handyman work, including replacing lights. Doing lower paying tasks reduces the value of my services.


Jeez. All they needed was to tie a stone to the rope and throw it over.




Yeah, I considered that. There was no stones, baseballs or anything else around that I could tie a rope to. I had other paying jobs scheduled that I didn’t want to spend 20 min trying to throw a rope 40’ over a limb.


Plexiglass bubble skylights.

Anything made of plexi, actually.