Things you won’t do anymore as a window cleaner


I don’t do storms only occasionally when things are slow

I don’t do inside sky lights anymore period.
An I have only lost a few potentials because of it.


Storm windows and most cc


Any sort of storm window that screws in from the outside.
Exterior wooden storms.
Pella takeapart panels, we only do the insides and outs.
Any construction cleanup… ever.
Any storefront… ever.


I left out construction clean up. No thank you !!!


CCU!!! Never agian, took many crook contractors. They can stay with the cleaning lady.


I definitely have things I don’t like doing like ccu, and storms on manufactured homes, but then I just charge more and it makes it worth it. Probably the only thing I won’t do, even for the money, though I use to, is what looks dangerous, too steep a roof, dodgy ground for a ladder.


I don’t do customer who try to bargain with my prices. Don’t need them.
Had a call yesterday from a lady yesterday who drove me nuts.
I finally said: You know what? I don’t bargain with my prices because that’s also bargain with the quality of the work. Call someone else.


on monday i refused to climb a ladder and remove a bird nest from on top of their light


I don’t do any 3 story that looks sketchy, any others judiciously accepted.
I rarely do storms as they are a hit or miss but PREMIUM charge if I do.
CCU is a maximum premium charge, if at all.
Anything less than $100.00.
I don’t do “While your up there’s”. (Well, PREMIUM charge if I feel up to it.)


Just did a ccu this week and got paid right away. But it was lots of work and at the end of it I just don’t care to do more ccu. Stressful and frustrating. But glad customer paid same day!


CCU. We stopped all of that about 2-3 years ago and never regretted it.


External storms, unless they are reasonably small ground level and I have help.

Chandeliers. Almost got my hand cut off when one fell out of the ceiling.

Inside skylights, dirt runs down their paint.

Most 3 story unless I can do it from inside.

Construction cleanup/new house cleans. No way.

As our health isn’t the best, probably no more of the floor length 12x12 french window storms. Just too painful lifting those heavy panes out the bottom.

Nothing I consider unsafe, such as walking on metal roofs, steep pitches, curved glass sunrooms.

Excessive interior plants crowding windows.

Heavy furniture blocking windows, includes baby grand pianos.

Hoarders. I’ve seen a few.

Pet ‘rescue’ BS. We went to a house that had like 30 cats in an addition, the ammonia smell was hazmat level. It was that bad.

Sketchy neighborhoods. We cancelled one house in the west end that saw two murders the week prior.

Commercial storefronts. We got tired of filling out forms, getting ‘approval’ of the MIA assistant manager, then not seeing a check for a month. Small businesses are OK but not the chain stores. I just stick to residential.

What I WILL do is help out the elderly or disabled and veterans. They need a light bulb, filter, smoke alarm battery etc changed, I’m on it. No charge.



That’s a long list, maybe you should have said what you do.


No more CCU work. I have not done that in years!

As I get older, I really appreciate having LESS stress!


Part 2:

Sills : This one is recent. I will give a quick rag swipe of sills, but if you want a deep cleaning you called the wrong company.

Haggling over price: Stopped this years ago. The price is the price is the price. If the customer doesn’t like it, someone else will take that schedule slot.


I do not remove screens that are screwed in place, I will remove a retaining screw. But here some screen companies just use 6 screws to hold the screen in. I tell the customer if they want them removed they will have to do that themselves.

I do not do CCUs any longer, not worth the hassle and its crap work too. Plus I don’t really have weeks to dedicate to one project. The phone doesn’t just stop ringing because you booked yourself up with a slow job that normally takes ages to pay.

About the while your up there, just yesterday I gave a quote to a regular customer for some house washing, blowing the roof, and he was like “while your up there, there is a hole in the gutter I’ll give you a tube of silicone to plug it up for me” I just nodded and thought to myself yup +$


That’s all I ever did , an maybe one person complained out of thousands, an that’s exactly what it says in the estimate. Sills wiped down !!!


Nice subject for a thread.
Unofficial: No inside skylights with screens that are a real tough reach.
No storms that attached on the outsides. (I even turned my next-door neighbor who can barely get around anymore this year :open_mouth:)
Any hard water, paint or stain removal that is beyond a spot here or there.


Hard water like this bro?
Heres after, i make good money doing it. This is 1 set of 188 sets im doing for a hotel.


Ok, what do you use on those frames?