Thick Hot Chili / Cherry Pie / Happy New Year


Yup. Sorta spicy. Goes perfect with wind chill of about 7 degrees. Happy New Year. Enjoy your food.


Sounds good! New years was home cooked this year. Ribs, meatballs, pasta, home made bread, pumpkin and apple pies. Oh wait! McCain cake too. Classic but delicious(mostly the top lol)

Happy New years!


Yer killing me. Sorry I missed it. Here’s a peek out the door this morning.


That’s gorgeous!!! Lol. Our winter has been the same here. Snow snow snow and cold!


Sort of spicy or sort of burn your mouth out? My mom’s chile be like


No. Have to make it safe for my wife. I put in 1 chile pepper and one jalapeno. I keep habanero hot sauce in the fridge. I like fire, but I don’t want to die.