There are a ton of pricing threads but this is the most current RESIDENTIAL ONLY!


Just keep in mind in no way does doing it the way my company does it diminish that human element. Because the person on the phone is doing an excellent job and the employee that shows up is doing an excellent job and I do the best I can to do an excellent job marketing and have an excellent reputation.

I can do the same thing you’re doing without having to show up to bid every job although, if the average house is $500 and up then I can understand why you would want to bid some in person if you have the time. So life’s good my friend.


When I come to look at the house, I count the lights, but also try to visualize all ladder plants and guess how long it would take me ($ per hour), then cross-reference the two systems to see if the numbers I come up are close…
In my area most houses take at least a full day, so when I bid a house that takes a few days, that is another method to cross-reference ($ per day).
I am a solo guy, doing mostly high end residential, for me it’s important to give the owner or a property manager a chance to meet me. In my area many people actually prefer a solo guy they trust to work inside their home instead of a crew.