There are a ton of pricing threads but this is the most current RESIDENTIAL ONLY!


keep in mind there are two of us, my partner works usually 8-5 or 6 m-f and i work 8-5 or 630 m-f and 3-5 hours 3 out of 4 saturdays this month. we also have two friends we sub contract to keep up on some of our storefront, they’ve done about $500 this month.


Thanks for your thorough reply and thanks for being so honest just to satisfy my curiosity :smiley:


Good reply, thanks for sharing Ben.


i enjoy talking about the details because others sharing their details is how i learned so much so fast.


my pleasure


Agreed. Talking about pricing, etc. on here made a huge impact on our business.


Does anyone use this image on their website?


I have not seen any.


We use to have a tracker that was linked with Responsibid. It would track the closings on bids and cost. So you would have a price per window cost. I think the average was about 12.50 for double hung.


$18256 for may




Thank you, the weird thing about it is i’m super excited but i can really only talk to my wife, my business partner, and you guys without coming of as bragging or something.


Dude, that’s badass! Congrats! How long you been at it? We doubled our May from last year to $17k with a part timer and my irreplaceable receptionist. I still feel like I’m not making money though!


Ben I love to hear success like this man! It shows with dedication and Hard work that any things possible. Once again CONGRATS!!


Sounds like Bend… I’ve got family that lives in Bend


nailed it!


june will be 2.5 years




Awesome! June is 2.5 for me as well.


Amazing growth Ben! :wink: