There are a ton of pricing threads but this is the most current RESIDENTIAL ONLY!


What do you charge for a picture window that size?


I wouldn’t. You want to have a dialogue and sales pitch for them to try and close the sale.


When you are busy as hell this makes life easier and saves you calls from people who this you will do it whole house for $50 or so … point is it saves your time and peoples as well . On my site i have pricing but do point out to clients this is a general guide amd usually spot on or real close but will verify pricing in person … i like it much better this way , but we all have our own way of doing things so i will say there is no way only proper way to get things like this done…


Did not see you question before. As long as regular not french and dependong on few things $10-$20 . Extrior always wfp and if i can just use a pole on inside and bigger job then wpuld just charge $10


Quick question, how is this price structure working for you guys this season? Have you adjusted pricing for the busy season?

Thanks in advance.


working well, we made $835 today, and over $800 each day this week. we haven’t raised it though we’re talking about it.


2 pane window exterior =$6
2 pane window int + ext $10
(Sliding doors and 3 pane window x2 price)

Medium to large single pane exterior $5
Medium to large single pane int + ext $9

Screen dust $1
Screen wash $2
Track wipe $1
Track vacuum and wipe $2

Murrieta, CA


Thanks for responding, those are great numbers!


we might hit $18000 this month, which blows me away since we just hit $10000 for the first time 10 months ago


Dude that’s awesome! Third year and I’m on track for 15k in may with me and a 15 hour a week guy. 9k this time last year. A lot more referrals than I figured I’d have been getting which has let me cut down on adwords a bit more. Ever since I joined this forum, my standards for window cleaning have gone up so much and instead of working my ass off at $4 a pane breezing through the job, I raised my prices to $5-6 a pane plus screens and tracks. Now i take my time, do a better job and don’t have to work as hard. So nice. Let’s me afford a receptionist too. And so much of that is attributed to this community. Now… to start making money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Just started listening to Profit First. Love it so far.


Two man crew?


Ben That’s great! That must make you guys feel great, you guys are crushing it!




thank you, it feels good to get caught up after winter


Ben I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks for posting this it was an I opening 2 sentences for me!

This was also a huge eye opening post. Thanks!


great, i’m glad. what did it open your eyes too?




I think I am going to hire some of you guys to clean windows for me for some of these prices…


Congrats. Out of curiosity, may I ask how many hours per week you’re working on average. Thanks.