The " No Problem " Problem. Your Thoughts?


Happy New Year ,

Maybe the feedback from older guys ( like me LOL ) might be different than the younger crowd. I have noticed an increasing number of people, over the last ( say ) five years using the response " NO PROBLEM " when you say Thank You to them. Now, at the cost of seeming like a prude and unreasonable, I was always taught to say " You’re Welcome ". Or " You’re Welcome, Thank You " if that is appropriate for the situation.

A few years ago I noticed my guys ( employees) responding to me with " No Problem ", when I would thank them, which I try to do even when it is just a quick instruction on an issue or phone call. So, I got to thinking - " Wait , are they saying No Problem to our customers if they say Thanks to them ". At that point I told them to be sure and say the key words - " You are Welcome " ( NOT ! no problem ) when dealing with our customers.

" No problem ", to me, sounds way less appreciative, humble, gracious … than “You Are Welcome”, which conveys a message that I was glad to help you ( That I appreciate you - That I appreciate your business and I am glad I could serve you ).

What are thoughts on this ?
THANK YOU ! ( no problem !! )


I notice people say “uh-huh” as a response to “Thank you” as well. I agree it is less formal and seems to diminish the acknowledgement of appreciation. It has become pervasive enough in local culture that I even catch myself doing it from time to time. Ugh.

I now usually present the slighty-more-formal “You are most welcome” as a means of fighting the downhill trend when it comes to manners and courtesy.


I also use You’re Welcome and Thank you for your business. But im also in business for many years ( not windows tho) and that was instilled in my by the older guys who were around when i started. Also another thing when I was growing up everyone older was Sir/Mam/Mrs/Mr and I still use that to this day. My son who @ 11 even gets that . I cant see how any child calls any adult by first name.


this is just a generational difference. you perceive it one way but it’s not perceived the same way by the people saying it that are younger than you.

on another note, a couple of months ago I started saying “it’s my pleasure” in response to people saying thank you.


That’s what the staff at Chik Fil-a say too :rooster:


Language changes I have no problem when someone says it


we don’t have one of those around here


Well THAT is unfortunate. Chik Fil-a is amazing.


I say “Thank you for thanking me and you’re welcome to thank me again.”


I always say “You are welcome. Thank you so much.”


It’s no problem. Thanks. It’s all in how you say it. If it looks like you’re not paying attention to the customer, then anything you say will be an issue.

I usually say “Sure thing!”

Unless I’m talking to a Navajo, then it’s “Oat” or “begah hey”

Or a hispanic then it’s “de nada” or a cholo then it’s “Si mon”

Or if it’s a jive turkey then it’s “Straight TCB’in man! Sheet.”


No worries mate, is how is said down here.


My sister who is ten years older keeps telling me that. She keeps saying Every thing is changing and I need to change with the times.

I hate the phrase No Problem … hate it. Rubes me the wrong way. Oh well :slightly_smiling_face:


Bad A.


“No problem” is a very casual response compared to “you’re welcome” and does not foster relationship with the customer. It is often a way to actually not
take in wholly, the “thank you”. Saying “you’re welcome” and looking them in the eye when saying it is very different.



That is a very good explanation of why it bothers me. " Not taking it in Wholly " is putting it well. It’s like keeping a distance from the person.

Interesting feedback and perspective from all who responded.
Thanks !!


I have exactly the same problem with the “No problem” response! It is too casual and insufficient to express our gratitude toward our customer. I have instructed my employee to stop using this phrase. He was instructed to respond with “You are welcome”.


I spoke with my children about this “new” phrase and they strongly disagreed! They see nothing wrong with it. I was only trying to give them a heads up. I thought they’d want to know that the boomers find the term mildly abrasive. They are 30 and 34 years old. and manage people so I thought they’d appreciate my input. I was wrong. :open_mouth:


My 2 cents,

I was raised with “proper morals” and respect. I even noticed myself starting to say “no problem”.

I believe it’s a generation thing but not a bad thing. Especially, if the tone is genuine.

Does that mean I disagree with your post? Nope. It’s your business and you can’t argue that saying your welcome and thank you can hurt it.

I wouldn’t look deep into it. If your employees are showing the utmost respect to your clients and to yourself - you have nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


Where I’m at people always say “no worries,” it bugs the he’ll out of me. I’m thinking to my self " I wasn’t worried, I was thanking you." But everyone has they’re own style. Most the time( as with most business, it shouldn’t be taken personal). Its just business.