The nice weather is over



Hydrate Ben!!


i bought a cooling vest, i hope it helps


Yes that should help, make sure your drinking a lot of fluid even when your off work. Hydration needs to be continuous… not just when your working.
Work in the shade as much as possible.
Stay safe out there!


Looks hotter than texas lol


revised upward


I had no idea it gets that hot in California. Wow!!
Drink plenty of water. Stay safe out there.


I feel your pain bro…

Might be time to fix the a.c. in my truck.


Summer job at a water park?

Dang dude. I remember back in the 80’s in Pheonix one time it got to 120. Haven’t felt that kind of heat in decades. Lol

My dad used to say it isn’t hot til it hits 110. Apperantly he drank something like 5gal of water a day. He used to build houses there.


Yeah, i drink at least a couple gallons of water during long days just to keep up hydration wise. Then I’ve usually got some kind of something for flavor just to sip on during the day. Snapple or Dr pepper, whatever.


so here it is the end of the week and the heat really kicked my butt I’m exhausted. one more small job tomorrow but it’s pretty much the weekend and we just got up the small pool we bought in the backyard for my 4 year olds birthday party we’re all going to go take a dip. enjoy your summer fellas



Yeah it’s going to start heating up here also next week


Wed at 107 is the day we are on the roof all day cleaning 428 solar panels


I would start early


we’re gonna start at 6



Now that doesn’t look like fun at all…
…I thought are was bad …


how bad it is depends on what you’re used too, yesterday i got done with a house and thought “it’s really not that bad, it must only be 100 or 101” and when i looked at my phone it said 108.

if you’re used to low 90’s then over 100 is awful, but we’ve had 40 days over 100 since may and a stretch of 19 days in a row over 100 then two days of high 90’s and then now we’re on our 11th day of over 100’s with 1teens coming as you saw 8)


I totally agree, summers here average 90 to low 100’s and the winter we go weeks on end in the negatives -10.

In either situation you want to protect your body from the elements and stay hydrated!!