The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Booked solid for two more weeks and then a little time off… :upside_down_face:


you use those kinds of scrapers lol



All professional window cleaners do, lol.


guess ima hack


I didn’t say that but me and my guys all carry a Triumph or equivalent 6" and a Unger or equivalent 1" My BOAB even has a slot for it. Most Wc’ers I have known over the years all carry a 1" makes it a little quicker to get little specs off.


…I’ll drink to that…but I don’t like those metal blade holders…they rust.


i didn’t mean it the way i said it. im not even using a scraper i have 6” but i bought part of a business and its mostly wfp but some route stuff so glass has been maintained well so i didn’t want to risk any blades.


Buy em 10 at a time and throw them out. What do you use?


Makes sense. Actually I met a guy at a conference once who took scrapers away from all his guys and only the foreman gets one 1" for tough spots. Too much risk he feels.


Those little plastic, brightly colored ones that are usually on the checkout counter at
the hardware store.


Can’t leave @Henry out.