The last guy



Hundred dollars! Red flag?


Yea, I’m gonna’ need 'bout tree fiddy.


I think most home owners would have moved the car farther away just to be on the safe side.



“Why is your bid $X more than the last guy?”

“My prices are what they are because I strive to afford to be a proper licensed, bonded, and insured business. A business that can afford to not use Burner phones to get out of accidents. But do go with the lowest price, I look forward to hearing about ’ The Last Guy ’ next time.”



Looks good. Solid three points of contact… Not sure about the rest of it tho.


The price of a broken banister and emergency room costs would get him a nice A-frame ladder.


He’s doing it all wrong…


My wife found a whole bunch of ladder pictures like this on a Pinterest thread titled “The reason women live longer than men.”


Two constants about the last guy:

  1. He did if for less
    2)He’s nowhere to be found