The Huge Convention


Thanks to all who came to the convention and came by our booth. It is always great to but a face with a name. If you have any photos post them here.




Hell hath frozen over :wink:
Sorry I missed it this year.


Photo shop


What a great time it was! It was fun to meet all the WCR content creators in person and all the other folks you only see online.


Who is the giant with the old guy?


@Chris He is probably standing on a chair.


Anyone have any YouTube videos or vlogs of the huge convention?




SteveO did a nice one of the tradeshow!


There is also a nice review/wrap up of the 2018 convention here:


Great video was that a flying camera?


Just trying to gauge the size of today’s window cleaning industry.

What was the amount of window cleaning vendors, less than 10?


Depends on what you consider window

Cleaning supplies? There were more than 10 that sell items used in Window Cleaning. More

Like 20


Window cleaning tools , etc.

Not software