The first look at the New Facelift Phantom Water Fed Pole



That pole is the smoothest to extend and lower that I’ve ever tried. Great clamp design.


Just wait till the grit builds up it will be the same as all the rest. The clamps look the same as any other clamps.
TBH, I don’t see anything special here. Any superiority in rigidity or lightness? Didn’t think so.


They are very different to all the rest. Softer replaceable internal shim that grips much more securely, will not damage or wear the Carbon Fibre tubes. Grit? Sure, but don’t all poles? Not an issue with end of the day flush and hose down. It’s called equipment maintenance. The same principal is being applied to the 3rd generation CNER clamps from China albeit implemented as bi-component as opposed to replaceable. So no doubt they will start turning up on the CNER supplied poles with suppliers over the next month or two.


The clamps are not the same. If you can extend a section of your pole, plant it vertically and lift yourself up on it without any slipping, as someone demonstrated right in front of me, then yes, there’s nothing different about it.

The Phantom high mod was theee smoothest pole at the convention.

But I’m just an informal-youtube-sales-guy-vlogger-thingy, so factor that in too.


That is true.



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