The Downstream Conundrum


Question ive always had:
Why aren’t more guys using a variable pressure wand to down stream?

This reduces the need to make trips to the trailer to turn on and off.

What am i overlooking? I used one all year last season and it was a dream.


All you really need to do is switch your nozzle from low to high pressure to stop the suction through you ds.


Your over looking the the understanding of downstreamimg.
The bigger offerice is what creates the Venturi which In turn draws the solution out, Then when done soaping switch to a smaller tip an that stops the flow of soap, An just water comes out .
So you would want 4 tips on a JRod one set would be for soaping high/low
The other set would be for rinsing high/low.

I’m shocked you don’t know this, but then again you just were doing commercial right ?

The smaller the tips the higher the pressure


I posted this on the wrong forum.:relieved:


Right but that still is a hassle. With variable pressure you would be essentially doing the same thing but quicker.


Yes , but that thing is so freaking heavy , here come the gym jokes :angry:
I get it go to the gym. I’ve been more gym than most , just don’t have the energy theee days :sob:

Gun 6” lance an JRod. That’s all ya need for most stuff.


F[quote=“Bubble_Guy, post:1, topic:46500”]
used one all year last season and it was a dream
With the variable isn’t only possible to use 2 tips ?


I do have been using it for quite some time, but when doing high stuff it doesn’t really do the job I have to change the variable part of the wand and fit it with a different soap and rinsing nozzle but for the general day to day it works great.


I had never heard of this variable pressure wand before. But I can tell you why I don’t personally use higher pressure tips for rinsing:

Oxidized siding. And I’m using an undersized injector to maximize my draw with 200’+ of pressure hose. So I would need to use way too much pressure to get the injector to stop sucking. I’d much rather take a 2 minute walk to the trailer to flip open my injector bypass and get full flow.

Btw, I thought you were getting out of the pressure washing game?


One, (maybe both?) were QC. I think one was a 25 and the other was a soap or 40 tip.

Ah, that’s what I thought. So, extended wand? Or easier to just use a shooter tip? Yeah, I do only flatwork…

I am. Still interested in the industry. Maybe I’ll get into house washes this year :thinking:


Shooter tip, tbh as soon as you start putting extensions on the wand the soap will not flow anymore


These are good for one story work , but for 2 story plus you need a 0 degree tip


Tbh it’s much easier than commercial work, and a natural add on to window cleaning. You could build a sweet little rig on an aluminum flatbed trailer and tow it behind the Prius.


You’ve probably seen this already, but this is my jrod setup for housewashing: