The Disappearance off the market of Swivel Handle T-Bars with Water Retention Slots!


Hi. I’ve been using swivel handle T-bars for decades, and I much prefer them to fixed handle T-bars (they many advantages over fixed handle T-bars). And I’ve owned several brands over the years (Pulex, Ettore, Sorbo etc) and the one’s I like the best, are the ones that have the water retention slots (cavities that hold water inside sleeve).

Which brings me to my point. The slow and mysterious disappearance of the Swivel Handle T-Bars (with Water Retention Slots) off the market.

Where have they gone? Why aren’t they being sold anymore? Whose stocking them?

I’ve noticed that they are still making FIXED handle T-bars with the water retention slots, so why, and where are the SWIVEL HANDLE ones?

Are they extinct? Or just an endangered species?

Moerman swivel handle T-bars with retention slots (to my present knowledge) are the only ones that I can find for sale.

But Moerman’s present reputation (note: “present” = they may improve with time) for gear breaking (durability and product quality issues) = not good IMO! So, I’m hesitant to fork out my money for something that may break fairly quickly (if standard Liquidator handles are anything to go by).

ABC window cleaning supplies in the US were (note: “were” past tense) selling Triple Crown Swivel Handle T-Bars that had (what looked like) good water retention slots built into the T-Bar plastic (I haven’t owned one yet).

The other advantage to these retention slots are, they help to hold the T-Bar Sleeve in place better on the glass while scrubbing (reduces sleeve moving and slopping around on the bar) and therefore makes for more efficient scrubbing, and dirt removal etc while cleaning.

So what’s going on? Is there a conspiracy? Or are there still some rare retailers (a little help here please = I wanna find them) who sell them?

Two probable reasons why they might not be making/manufacturing or selling them anymore:

  1. The simple round aluminum cross bar is easier to manufacture.
  2. (Directly related to 1) The simple round aluminum cross bar is easier to manufacture, therefore, cheaper to manufacture for the manufacturer, therefore more money (profitable) for the manufacturer etc etc.

But I say we’re missing out. It’s a good piece of kit. My Ettore Super System swivel handle T-bar with slots lasted at least 13 years, and numerous falls from 2-3 stories up etc. I want another one with the water retention slots, or a similar brand/make to replace my trusty old side kick. In my country most of the good gear is not being sold, so I normally buy online from overseas = sad!

Your thoughts.

Graeme Hibbard.
Christchurch, New Zealand.


Yes know what you saying only last week put this up.


So, I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

Thanks for the video, BTW. I did think of this before, but I’m not a competent D.I.Y-er.

Where have they gone?


It appears that the Triple Crown brand (ABC home brand I presume) swivel handle T-Bar is back in stock, at a fairly reasonable price. There are no reviews of this product, so I don’t know how sturdee it is.


Great point! I was talking with a colleague about this last week.
What is your favourite swivel t-bar?


I’ve been using an old plastic Ettore Super System swivel T-Bar for 13 years+, but a small hair line crack appeared in the plastic of the handle around the pivot point, so it doesn’t get as much use now (it’s still usable). So I’m stuck with a newer aluminum Ettore Super System swivel T-Bar (which I bought as a replacement) and I have to say, compared to the older plastic model, the quality is rubbish! Handle would hardly swivel at all when I bought it brand new, and the sleeve slops around on the bar (nothing to grip onto). So it doesn’t scrub as effectively.

I have to say the standard of some of Ettore’ gear has dropped considerably (found the same thing with their scrapers).

So I don’t have a favorite at the moment. I’m just stuck with a sub-standard aluminum T-Bar. So I’ll probably try out a Moerman swivel T-bar, and the Triple Crown, and find out which is best, and go from there. I can’t stand using a fixed T-Bar, they are just to restrictive. To me, that would be just going backwards technique wise, and efficiency wise.

Thanks. Regards.

Graeme Hibbard.
Christchurch, New Zealand.


Oh. I forgot. I also use some old Sorbo aluminum swivel T-bars, as well (quality is not that great either). But same deal as the Ettore mentioned above, just slops around with no grip on the sleeve and less abrasiveness on the glass. These are small things, but a lot of small advantages, add up at the end of the day IMO.

Moto = work Smarter not harder!


i cut a small slot at each end of my unger swivel Tbar. the hollow tube retains a goodly amount of water and then it slowly leaches out when

in use


Thats a pretty slick idea @jonnyald! :wink:


verrrrrry intaresting!


Have been using this converted Ettore scrubber T-Bar for years.
Just cut handle off and replaced it with a DIY swivel handle.
Still using the same one in the video still no problems.


My supplier had some left who he wanted to just wanted to get rid of - so I ordered very cheap.
Excited to see how it will perform. A little concerned that it will be cheap plastic - easily break. But we will see!


Totally missed this post some how…

@JonathanB thanks for posting.


In the United States i can find the swivel but have a hard time finding the swivel with the slots.


Yeah, exactly. I havent seen others on the market except this one.


Just wanna update you on the swivel T-Bar from Moerman. Had it for a week and works great!
So nice to have the swivel function. So much better then the Ettore Super System T-Bar.
I use a flat screwdriver to loosen it.
Perfect on route work and also on residential.
Thumbs up so far!


Hi JonathanB.

Glad to hear that. What sizes do you have? Was a little dubious about its strength. Looked so weak and flimsy it might break with a puff of wind. What sleeve are you using with it? Mooreman? How loose do you keep the handle? Do you tighten and untighten for every window? Or will it stay loose without falling to bits?

Mind you it’s early days. Would like an update six months from now. I might buy a couple. They have some locally last time I looked.

Was thinking of asking if someone in the States would buy some of the ABC T-bars, and let me buy them off them and pay for the shipping to New Zealand. ABC won’t sell/ship over here unless I spend $2000+.

Look forward to your reply.


Graeme Hibbard.
Sparkle Window Cleaning.


You have a point.
I was thinking the same thing before I bought it. Time will tell.
But for now it’s no problem.
I have used both Moermans blue sleeve and Ungers green.
I have a 14’. It’s best for my residential in the area.
I loose the screw only when I want it - usually on pole work.


Hi JonathanB.

An update. Yesterday I bought 18" and 14" Moerman swivel handle T-Bars (with water retention slots) one of each to experiment with. Will see how they stand up.

One slight problem already. The tightening button is to big. See pictures below of the oversized button right where I grip with my hand:

See large tightening button = what I have:

See smaller tightening button = newer (?) model:

This is to large, and gets in the way of my grip:

Though it makes for better speed of adjustment.

The smaller one pictured below (I believe) will be easier to grip, and use in the hand:

I am beginning to regret buying the large button version. But I still have to test it on a real job (which I will do later this morning).

Graeme Hibbard.
Sparkle Window Cleaning.
New Zealand.


Hi JonathanB.

Used the 14" with a Moerman microfiber sleeve on Saturday, and dispelled initial misgivings. It works great. Super light in the hand, and I can feel the grooves working on the glass. Was surprised at it’s rigidity. I thought it would be weak on the glass, but no. It’s great. I will probably buy a couple more later on.