The Development of the Rinse Bar


Bear in mind this design by Herman Wieland @HE_MAN is 3 years ago…

Let’s track how we got from early beginnings of brushes with rinse-over bars via the Wagtail Jetstream/Wave to the Tucker rinse and swivel.


Wagtail Jetstream came out 4 years ago.
2013 actually


Thanks. Can we create a full timeline?


How about Logan Wilder’s original attempt back in 2012 in a group ‘which shall not be named’ :see_no_evil:


Good find. This could become a Wiki of the history.


Logan Wilder 2012
Wagtail Jetstream 2013

They were the earliest although it was many years ago that UK window cleaner Jeff Brimble mounted 4x small jets on the top of his brush. While we’re at it Jeff was also one of the originals that modded a Carbon Fibre Carp Fishing rod to create a revolutionary new lightweight Water Fed Pole…Gardiner nicked the idea and the rest is history…


Let’s not forget Jack Sedore who claims to have been working on and documenting his efforts since 2012.

This is from 2014 -

Shawn Gavin
Reach Higher Ground, Inc.


Jack may have been experimenting with above brush jets on scrapers but his spray bar experiments came after both Logan and Willie. But all credit to Jack, he certainly beavered away to perfect it.


Not exactly a spray bar, but when I first started wfp in 99/2000 Tucker had an over the brush jet.


Sounds like alot of work. For what purpose?


Learning from history informs present and future development.


Yes that video just a DIY idea had just to see how it worked.
Now found that it may not be necessary have a rinse bar at all.
Since our creation of C-----X swivel movement allows you to scrub/rinse at the same time.
Brush goes vertical though to horizontal visa /versa automatically without adjusting screws.


Sounds interesting. Can you explain or link to the video? I have just changed to Gardiner swivel/rinse over brush with 100 deg. fan jets and it works well. I also use the Wagtail Jetstream.


Is this what you mean?


Yes there are many other applications for this movement.


Hi Steve,
What would you like to know?


What does C…X stand for? This topic is about design development. Is this a new development?


Oh yes it is most different/unique swivel type movement of it’s type.
We have a pending patent on it at the moment.
Has many different applications as well.


How does it differ from Tucker, Gardiner and other swivel brush attachments?


There is a big difference to those, you can only tell when you use it…
But at this stage can not say to much more.:wink: