The Customer Factor vs others?


Anyone talk to Steve Wright recently?


Been a few weeks. Why, what’s up?


Yup, helpful as always. What other software place does the owner answer the phone?


Yes sir. In talks with him about the program :slight_smile:


You must have an exclusive membership that isn’t offered to the general


I’ve been a happy subscriber for nearly 7 years and I haven’t been able to
get in touch with Steve for a couple of months now. I’m worried about him
and his company because I have left several messages phone calls support
tickets and no response. I even asked a fellow local window cleaner who is
a subscriber to call and see if he could get a response and it’s been a few
days and he has not received a response otherwise I would not have posted

Steve if you’re listening your company has helped my company grow
tremendously and I would even pay more if you had to raise your prices I
hope you’re OK Steve. I’ve submitted several support tickets sometimes
repeating the same thing over and over again one thing that’s giving me
hard time right now is how when an employee gets a signature out on the
field using the app it creates multiple invoices for this monthly service
plan pricing option so then I have to go into and delete each invoice
manually and it creates a lot of confusion when trying to do billing.


I’ll admit that I didn’t talk to him on the phone. It was the end of last week and through e-mail.


check out TCF facebook page, lots of activity there.


Hey all, check outSqueegee App fully featured app for window cleaners and other service providers. Compared to Customer Factor - everything can be done from the app or a browser, it has an amazing work planner feature and most of the functionality is and will always be free. The only time you start paying is for payment integration, invoicing, texting, insights etc. Looks amazing too… uploaded an image from their website for reference…



I requested to join a few days ago. Crickets