Thanks for your help today with my order, Alex.
Got to a huge job this morning expecting to sort of breeze through the window portion of two large homes next door to each other. Hooked up the WFP set up to knock out the divided windows and SWOOSH, off pops the hose connector in two pieces. I must have banged it on something or was a little too rough removing it last time. Okay, trad the windows instead, plus 2 years of pine needles in the gutters between the roof and the birdcage pool. Oh yea, and the temps here were like 99ยบ with the heat index.
Anyway, got one house done and called WCR to figure out what the name of the part was I needed and if they had it. It should be here next week. Great, because 3 jobs coming up where I NEED that part.
Thanks again for your help, Alex.


Hose connector ?


Push fit