Terry Cloth Bath towel for detailing


Thanks for the link I just got five as well. That guys gonna walk in on Monday and scratch his head.



Glad I could help


Does that include shipping :smirk:


Did for me. 5 for $57


Did he have an offer like this?

ACT NOW and I’ll send you two, YES, two Sham Wows at no extra charge. The first caller also recieves my free audio book “How to Make Millions Cleaning Windows on the Weekend” that’s a savings of $149.95.

I’ll basically be paying you $50 if you act within the next 20 minutes.


Oh yeah count me in!


I noticed no free Terry Cloth towels. :slightly_frowning_face:


But wait!


I use surgical towels they are great! I also just use the bath towel to detail frames


i use a sea sponge, microfiber combo and scrim to wipe glass if needed. i do bring bath towels for inside working over electronics etc.


Same here


Could a small squeegee and a bath towel be more efficient than a sea sponge and micro towel? Steve O may be onto something. @Rich7428


i don’t like a big towel hanging over my shoulder. i do use a 6" detail squeege. sea sponges kick butt! could not live without one in my pouch. micro towels last better and clean better than huck. they dry out faster as well. i don’t use many towels anymore because of these little details. lint is your enemy. never wash your towels with your laundry. keep your window cleaning stuff seperate.


How should towels be washed?


I answered that, for you, in my long post about equipment.


Appologizes ill go back and read. Still learning site and how to find posts and copy posts etc


The nice thing about a big towel over a little one is that the wind doesn’t blow it off my shoulder. I’m using the full size scrim. It took me awhile to get use to the large size. I believe a Terry Cloth bath towel stays put even better than my scrim.


…Usually, yes. :slight_smile: I was on a roof last week doing 6 or so windows and had to tie the scrim around
my neck like a scarf to keep the wind from carrying it off, which
it had already done with my hat.


Sounds like you need a Dangerous Dave Bull Ring. :sunglasses:


Did you get yours yet ? Got mine today. There very thin you could see through them. Never saw them like that before. :thinking: