Terry Cloth Bath towel for detailing


Anybody using a Terry Cloth bath towel to detail their storefront windows. That’s what most of the guys in my area use. I’ve seen that Steve O on YouTube uses a bath towel. With scrim on its way out, no longer available because Unger is going to discontinue scrim, I am thinking of using Terry Cloth bath towels. Any good? Why?



Don’t believe everything you read on the internet Mike! :wink:

Unless you spoke with Unger direct I wouldn’t worry about it.

Oh huck towels will work to… :wink:


Steve: Do you use Terry Cloth?


My window cleaning supplies company doesn’t have scrim on their web site anymore so I’m inclined to believe the rumors

I haven’t called them yet


shopwindowcleaningresource.com still has them. Don’t use terry cloths on glass. I’ve seen them scratch glass and they don’t work all that well in my opinion. They do work great for ledges and water cleanup though. I would recommend huck/ surgical towels or microfiber. If you’re going to use the microfiber for detailing buy the higher quality/ more expensive ones.


I looked (to order some) last night and they indeed are out of stock.


my first year i bought a bunch of white terry cloth towels from costco, they work fine as long as clean and dry but they are small. i bought lots.


Where are you finding it…I can’t even find it on Amazon.
CWC, ABC, J. Rac…nobody has it.


…Out of Stock…


I use Terry towels to wipe frames that’s it.


I haven’t even looked for them Matthew I was just giving @BostonMike a hard time…lol :wink:

I use huck towels.


What is a “huck” anyway? Surgical towel? I can’t quit doing Windows Just because there is no scrims.


Yes huck / surgical towel work fine and there is never a shortage of them and they are cheap.


That’s right. But you can think about quitting!! Haha

I own about 10 scrims and work alone. I wonder how long they’ll last me. They seem almost indestructible, just a few holes.

I have to buy something else before I hang up my squeegee one things for sure it won’t be made by Unger. HaHa


I know four guys who swear by them and I think they’re ok. I haven’t really used them much because I have the scrim but they were ok.

I’m talking about 100% cotton, quality bath towels. I have to believe that what you used to scratch a window has to be different than the towels my window cleaning friends use.

I wonder if Steve O, @Rich7428, only uses the large bath towel on his shoulder to wipe frames? I think he throws it over the end of his pole to detail the top edge of the window but I wasn’t paying attention. Anyway that’s how the old school guys in Boston do it.


Steve O shows us what to do with the large bath towel in this video! :grin:




To heavy to bulky. If I had to go back to anything it would be huck towls, but I’m good !! just ordered 5 more from the U.K. From That link @Dee posted up. So 5 makes 10 more for me. I cut them in half.
I highly doubt terry cloth towels scratch glass.


Got a fresh new scrim for sale. $99.99.

Just keep me in mind when things get tight…


Me too
Thank Dee :+1::+1: