Tech 7 The most fascinating tech for WFP work yet!


Has anyone used this yet? I will start this thread here. It is going to be a LONG one.



What is it? Another wetting agent?


Henry’s all caps “long” has got me picturing a new length claimed to be tested in the field.

Or, a carbon wrap with 7 sides? I’ve seen such things listed in OEM’s sample books.


I havn’t seen the ‘OEM’ (who are to be supplied by the original equipment manufacturer?) but this is news from my favourite bike brand-

The new Colnago. Now that’s how to use variable carbon profiling and layups :slight_smile:



Making Gobs of Money with a WFP

The easiest way to do this is to find a way to increase your speed. It really is all about speed. Pole up. Pole down. Job done. A repeat commercial or residential exterior only route is the way to go. WFP speed is dependent on how fast you can get on and off each and every window. This is dependent in part on whether the glass is hydrophobic or hydrophylic. Does it bead water or film over such that the rinse actually slowly drains off. No drops means no spots. Hydrophobic glass leaves spots. Which are sometimes silica spots. Over time they build up until they can just barely be seen in the direct sun. But what also happens is the glass will become more and more hydrophobic. The really big question, that window cleaners have been desperately trying to answer, is how do we get the hydrophylic effect;…every time?

For the rest of this post got to

Tech 7 is not a chemical. Rather it is a device for minimizing the surface tension of water so that it sheets over the glass surface. I was just sent a sample a couple days ago and will be testing it out. No soaps added. And being able to get a hydrophylic effect on every window you work on no matter how hydrophobic it is! I don’t know if this is just wishful thinking. Phil Alexander tells me it really does work. I have been talking with others in my water mastermind about it. Been getting some interesting feedback. We will see. The results of my test will be in the Mirror.



I really want to see this in action!


Does anyone have an update on the the Tech 7? Henry? How does the technology work? PH7 claims they can get spot free results at up to 60 TDS. So no DI. Has anyone else verified this? If it works, it could be a game changer.


Here is my update in the form of a post I just now completed in the Glass Smart blog. Please read and do the tests.