TDS Ranges?


So I just purchased my Xero Pure Water System and am located in Central Florida which has very hard water in most areas. I would say 200+. Ideally I want to be at 0 but what is a good range? I once worked for a guy that would use his with his TDS in the 20’s. Does it differ by state? Besides 0, how high do you guys go with no spots?


I also am in an area with hard water. We do not go above 3 TDS. That is our preferred number as some windows can be a little touchier than others with what will leave spotting behind. Our systems run for 6 to 10 hours per use, during that time we want to make sure we’re providing the best quality water because that’s a lot of time for that number to change. Also is alot of work left with poor quality to touchup.

Systems operating costs are very cheap, for us to push numbers isn’t worth it in comparison
To labor costs being much more expensive to redo work.

Although you can operate in range under10.


Depends on what solids are in your water, we are currently running a TDS of over 700ppm (our shop has well water) and get it down to 3-5ppm. I keep it under 10. But we have very hard water in my area of KS. I would love to have to process from 200 to 0 lol


Tampa Bay area Florida here and run into between 185-250 ( A couple jobs were actually 450!!!). I use to run no more than 10 TDS but experimented up to 68 with no issues; not sure I will test beyond 30 in my area again but nice to know I was able to do more. (Yes, it was a repeat customer and no noticeable spotting). It does depend on what solids are in your area.


So when your TDS starts creeping up, that just means you need to replace DI Resin? and maybe the Carbon Filter? How do you guys know when its time to replace the membrane?


Depends on the type of system you have. The sediment filter is the cheapest and IMO most important, change that bad boy regularly and when you see your numbers moving. That’s the first defense in protecting your RO and DI. We buy them by the case. But keep on alert on all of your filters. I used to have to change my 40x4 RO every year, but now I get about 3yrs out of it. 40x4 DI was changed every few months… new we get around 9-12 mos… regular sediment filter changes has helped a ton.