TCF and Twilio


I am using TCF for my business and Twilio is the method that is used to send text, reminders, etc. But when I go to twilio it feels like I need to be a programmer to do anything. I keep getting error messages but when reading the analytics nothing is making sense as I have sent a ton of text but seemingly to the same people. I have youtubed a dozen or so videos and they are taking me through my own php/python/programmer 101 courses and I did not sign up for that, this was supposed to simplify my work but I’m frustrated reading and researching how to make twilio work efficiently. Does anyone have a recommendation?

So I spoke with Steve, the owner of TCF, and he helped get things understandable to me and it is so easy. If you’re not with TCF you should seriously consider it. Once I sent my first text to a small group of my clients I got 5 appointments scheduled today alone!!!

Like most things in life, user error is the biggest reason for the problem in our lives. One of the biggest problems is usually not taking 100% responsibility for our lives.