Tallest building questions


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I’m not sure it’s fair to base this call on ‘one review’ - Reach-iT MINI is 100% Carbonfiber with short sections, and generally larger diameter sections with 8" overlaps - all of which increase rigidity…

Reach-iT XT’S are 100% High Modulus Carbonfiber - and barely flex under any conditions (even with Reach-iT PRO at 6 and 7 storeys)

The idea of the MINI with XT’S is to have a 2 storey pole that is perfectly designed and balanced for Residential work - but the ability to get to 50 ft for occasional work…

1/2 a four storey building is 2 storeys and below

2/3 a three storey building is 2 storeys and below.

The time spent at four storeys is still a minority of time in the average working month (unless you are commercial, in which case, you would use a Reach-iT PRO or equal).

One of the more telling things about the ‘upward gaze’ that requires the trapezoidal and neck muscles to hold a contracted position, is 'how far from the building face are you? ’

The further you CAN get back, the less angle is required of your upward gaze.

Having a more rigid pole will (landscape willing) allow you to clean effectively from further back!

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Using prism glasses for window cleaning is really a cool idea. I’ve used it for a few days and i can’t wait to share with you for saving neck ache. http://www.yy-belayglasses.com/


We use a 47 Xtreme and have two 10’ extensions we managed to get shipped over from the U.K. Years back from rhg. We have done full six stories with it, can do 7. It will wear you out but faster and safer than a lift.


Commercial buildings come in 10 ft 12 ft and 14 ft ceilings. So each building will measure different so not all 5 story buildings will need the same size pole. The longest pole we sale is the Unger N-lite with base pole 4 extensions and one prolongation. You can look here for the working height https://windowcleaner.com/waterfed-poles/stats/
The best way to measure a building is using a cheap layer measure and stand at the bottom of the building and shine it to the top of the glass frame.
Anything above 40 ft I suggest you get high modulus poles. Use special glasses and a power and control is very helpful. Make sure you use your leg muscles not your arm muscles.


We have went 90 feet . But if you have sidewalk and it’s only $375 to rent a flat lift up to 45 feet would be faster.

8 hours for $400 ! you can get most ot your top floors done that way!
6 floors