Tallest building questions


The water weight is nearly inconsequential. The 66’ of pole and brush is only 10 pounds.

I’ve modified mine so it’s even lighter and stiffer than the stock model. I did a series of tests to observe the degree of stiffness my easy modifications made. It’s actually considerable. Attached are photos of the mod.

I left the hose management system in my master pole only to keep the hose away from the structure and for convenience when doing fast 2nd and 3rd story work.



Drops would be the fastest way


A boat load. You NEED someone to trade off with every few windows. For my fiver, me and my helper would swap out every 4 windows or so. After half the building my helper put down the pole and said, “Man, that was a good set. Whew.”

Get your swole on.


I just looked up Belay Specs… Great Advice.


That I agree with. Some windows are off to the side and over a roof outcropping. There’s no wayy to get to that I think… It’s tuff but it’s doable…


How would you do drops from a 10-12 pitch metal roof?


I don’t remember, this was a few years ago when I still worked for someone else. It was absolutely miserable though.

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tie to something and jump lol

pic was small on my phone

i would use the biggest lift i could find and a pole if necessary. might even be able to wfp from lift. i dont know if that is allowed?


In my province repelling is restricted to a list of very few specialists and the list does not include window cleaners.


then who cleans the windows.

i saw a documentary about a window cleaning company doing high rise in or around your area


Weird. What other jobs do rope work? Carpenters and what not use scaffolding and lifts and stuff. Ditto painters… humm. That’s it. I’m out.


caulking and exterior building maintenance




They are specialists. Do they need a license?


specialist yes. license no


My wife’s from Canada. They do everything backwards there…


Maybe we should license them. Then we’d know who’s stealing what…


You’re telling me. My change jar is full of loonies and toonies. I could cash that bad boy in and go on vacation!


I’ll tell ya, I’ve been at this for a good 25 years, and this is CHALLENGING to me!

I have two ways in mind, but damn… if they aren’t both too sketchy for this forum.
(and we’re talking a TON of money to get it done)

This, definitely ain’t one of those “I’m taking bids” customers.
… this is a “[I][B]can you do it[/B][/I]?” customer.