Surgery..and window cleaning


Not looking for sympathy, just a question.

Anyone have a partial or full nephrectomy (kidney removal), and how long did it take before you could start lifting ladders again? Doctors tell me 6-8 weeks.

It’ll be orthoscopic using the DaVinci robot.


Hope you have a speedy recovery.


I have had a number of surgerys over the years and would say that’s a reasonable time frame. It really is more person specific in my opinion and knowing your limits along with listening to your body.

Good luck


Wishing you a speedy recovery.


No experience with anything like that (knock on wood), but wanted to wish you well and a fast recovery. Remember to bring cards and marketing pieces for the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and other highly paid medical professionals!


Sorry to hear hope you have a speedy recovery. Just found out I need a double Hernia surgery. It was a tough decision, but I’m scheduling it for Dec. you can utube, An I’m sure there will be guys that’s have had the same process done. I found guys that take you day to day of what they went through. N


I had an umbilical and an inguinal repair, let me know if you have any questions.


I went to one surgeon that says the best way to do it is open …less chance of recurrence. I scheduled it for this month the 15th. I decided to cancel , because dont want to chance rolling into the spring an nit being able to work yet.
So I’m putting it off till December. Now im looking for a second opinion , because I’m leaning towards A laparoscope surgery instead.

I’m also concerned with putting it off I’m hoping that’s the right decision too.


Mike, my friend had a double hernia surgery and had them do his vasectomy on top of that! I thought he was crazy, but he is a serious Crossfitter and he was only down a few weeks.


Right side inguinal, about a 5" incision. Sorry to say this but I was out of commission for at least three weeks, and frankly it was quite painful. They have you up and walking around in a couple hours and you have to pee before they discharge you. I couldn’t go for three hours. Plan on sleeping in a recliner for two weeks.

They also said open is more thorough, but let me tell ya…six years on and the mesh/scar tissue is STILL pulling hard and hurts at times. It was done at the VA so I’m thinking they messed it up somehow.

Umbilical was a piece of cake, no issues.


Good to hear Ryan. Do you know if he did it Laparoscopicly ?


With your surgery is it something that can wait ?


Got back from the hospital, DaVinci full kidney removal. Let’s hope I can get back to work in a few weeks.


Fingers crossed! Hope you have a speedy recovery


Thanks, doing better today. I HIGHLY recommend everyone getting at least a simple ultrasound done on a yearly basis.