Hi. How’s everyone doing? Good? Good! lol.

So I’m pretty fresh into being a business owner and today I cleaned a customer’s windows / her office for $120 in two hours work. Didn’t think it was possible. I also booked her for a biannual cleaning so I’ll call her up sometime in October. That’ll be $240 per year for 4 hours work. I’m still fresh so I’m a little upset that I didn’t do some things differently such as ask / offer a 10% referral discount before the job. And make 10 flyers to distribute to her neighbors (The 5 around concept). But you live and learn right?

So I want to message her on Friday to follow up, something like "Hey (Taylor, not her real name) I hope you’re 100% satisfied with your clean windows. Referrals are important and they help keep my prices low. The greatest way to say thank you isn’t by telling me, it’s by telling a friend. :smile: Thank you! Have a good evening!

She mentioned if I do (Bob’s) windows also and I said no. Long story short before this business my ex partner had a lady who he did for $850 he said. I really want to land that account and have her annually or biannually.

Any tips on landing that account / setting up an estimate? Should I just ask (Taylor) straight up if her friend (Bob) is interested? Or just leave the referral message as I typed out? Thanks!


Face to face is best. Ask her outright for Bob’s location or phone number. Go see Bob in person and take it from there. 850 lady, same thing: visit in person. Phone number or address, without, you,“Got a guy who talked to a guy.” Yes, ask for referrals; five names of people you would recommend me to. Get phone numbers/ or business names/ address etc…contact information. Two cents. Proud of ya. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes so in person is best. I believe that too because they are less likely to reject you I feel. Thanks bud.


'Welcome. The real pros should chime in later, they’ll have input. I’m still learning too. Am off today because I worked Saturday. Cleaning towels, organizing truck, lurking on window cleaner dot com. Learning lots as I consider adding restoration work…but I WANT MONEY for that. :yum:


Nice so you have a truck for your business? Tell me about your business, would love to know / learn how you run and what size it is.


Reading List:
Window Cleaning Marketing Blueprint / Chris Lambrinides
Profit First / Mike Michalowicz
E-Myth Revisited / Michael E. Gerber

“I know enough to be dangerous”


I gave you a call!


Personally, I wouldn’t do this. If I’m reading this right, you want to poach your former partners work? Not ethical in my opinion. Go get your own work, don’t steal someone else’s.


He’s out of the business. He’s doing real estate. He’s out of the business, we’re on good terms. He said do this business with us in mind.


That’s cool. Good to hear.


Glad to hear someone bring up ethics as I just finished a chapter dedicated to this topic in my business class lol.