Straight pulls AND fanning or just one


So in my hour or so of practice (I know this is not near enough time. Not even a fraction of a fraction of the time needed haha) I found that fanning seemed to be a lot easier. I still had many problems that I needed to work on. I felt that straight pulls were harder. Then again I rewatched some videos and realized that I was putting my leaning edge on the wrong side of the channel. So I realized that’s why I was leaving so many streaks and lines. But anyways I feel like I should focus on learning one for right now and try to become proficient at it. Is this a good idea? I was thinking of just learning straight pulls and leaving fanning for another time. Any problems you guys could foresee? I’m extremely low on cash so I’m wanting to make some money as quick as possible. Obviously I know i need to put the time in first (I wouldn’t go out and clean windows, if well, I couldn’t clean windows haha).


To me, fanning is tougher to get down when starting out. Both are worth having in your arsenal, but it won’t kill you to only be able to straight pull for a while.


Thanks for the input!


Put all your equipment to use and you’ll find out how it all works, real life experience working with your gear is the best way to REALLY now what will work and what won’t.

YouTube can get you only so far! :wink:


Logically, straight pulls will be the most relevant for you starting out with no swivel squeegee for pole work.

Learn how to straight pull with the squeegee in your hand, then transfer the mechanics to your pole. Then use that technique to start making money.

You can figure out fanning as you go along.


Sounds like a good plan. Thanks a lot


You can also practice with straight pulls sideways. This way you can actually witness the relationship of the rubber blade and the seal for your self. How many feathers, pressure while you can see what is going on will speed your learning process. I got paid to practice. Only Thing i knew is what a well cleaned window looked like when finished. It’ll take you longer, but that doesn’t matter at first. Quote Price per pane plus pita and you’ll learn into a profitable speed.


Pita? As in pain in the ass?




Lots of guys never learn to fan and make plenty of money. It looks professional but it really isn’t as important as yad think. Lots of more important stuff to learn first in my opinion. :sunglasses:


Alex knows fanning.


Time and a place for different techniques, so ultimately you will want to learn both.