Storefront job - Just want to get a sampling of pricing (pics)


I am curious what some on here would charge for this job. Inside & Outside, once every 4 weeks, small vestibule included only a few panes there.

It is an eatery so will need to be cleaned between 8:00am - 11:00am.

What would you price this at?


From what I counted -54 windows. I’m around 100 in and out. Maybe 1-1/2 hours or less to do.

Dallas, Texas pricing.


At Least $125 $62.50 an hour or WFP outside 20 min. 1 hour in side if you fast .


Im where @TexasRich is at, cowboy it up in an hour or so and ride out at $100 maybe even $90. :sunglasses:


I might be seeing the pictures wrong but looked like only 40 panes to me. Anywhere around $100 seems fair to me. $1 per side when you have a wall of windows like that and a tech should be able to do $50 an hr average.


Thanks for the replies. They called us and I bid $90. The GM actually said, “I can’t believe you are trying to take advantage of us like that.” I told her I’m not sure what she means and apologized for any misunderstanding.

She then followed with, “We have someone doing it for $35 and that is already really expensive.” I thanked her for her time and hung up.

Glad I’m not the crazy one. Thanks everyone.


To be honest, I would be around 180 for 54 panes in that layout. I am on the upper end though and I detail my storefronts like I would resi, so spend a good deal of time on them to keep them looking really good. Other guys in my area would likely be between 120-150 for the most part, thoug I have been lower then some.

35 is nuts. I highly doubt they did a good job or had license/insurance and paid taxes.


For me 54 panes in and out would have been $110 first time clean then $90 or maybe $100 for the 4 week cleans.


Let bob do it… Maybe check later when bob quits. :upside_down_face:


The more I think about that $35 bid the more I feel bad for that guy.


It’s more like she’s taking advantage of someone, an still isn’t happy. :man_facepalming: