Storefront job - Just want to get a sampling of pricing (pics)


I am curious what some on here would charge for this job. Inside & Outside, once every 4 weeks, small vestibule included only a few panes there.

It is an eatery so will need to be cleaned between 8:00am - 11:00am.

What would you price this at?


From what I counted -54 windows. I’m around 100 in and out. Maybe 1-1/2 hours or less to do.

Dallas, Texas pricing.


At Least $125 $62.50 an hour or WFP outside 20 min. 1 hour in side if you fast .


Im where @TexasRich is at, cowboy it up in an hour or so and ride out at $100 maybe even $90. :sunglasses:


I might be seeing the pictures wrong but looked like only 40 panes to me. Anywhere around $100 seems fair to me. $1 per side when you have a wall of windows like that and a tech should be able to do $50 an hr average.


Thanks for the replies. They called us and I bid $90. The GM actually said, “I can’t believe you are trying to take advantage of us like that.” I told her I’m not sure what she means and apologized for any misunderstanding.

She then followed with, “We have someone doing it for $35 and that is already really expensive.” I thanked her for her time and hung up.

Glad I’m not the crazy one. Thanks everyone.


To be honest, I would be around 180 for 54 panes in that layout. I am on the upper end though and I detail my storefronts like I would resi, so spend a good deal of time on them to keep them looking really good. Other guys in my area would likely be between 120-150 for the most part, thoug I have been lower then some.

35 is nuts. I highly doubt they did a good job or had license/insurance and paid taxes.


For me 54 panes in and out would have been $110 first time clean then $90 or maybe $100 for the 4 week cleans.


Let bob do it… Maybe check later when bob quits. :upside_down_face:


The more I think about that $35 bid the more I feel bad for that guy.


It’s more like she’s taking advantage of someone, an still isn’t happy. :man_facepalming:


Ah, that is commercial my friend. The good ole “This guy does it for x amount, but I am calling you because I am unhappy” routine lol. I’ve seen first hand for the last 15 years. Nothing against it, as you can build a damn good route-- I just enjoy doing homes more.

I agree with some posting, but remember-- your price is YOUR price. It doesn’t matter what someone else charges. How much do you feel your time is worth? As other said, looks like in/out in about an hour and a half – if that. Do you have jobs around it? Do you think you can land something in the same area? All of these can factor into your price. One thing I learned about commercial is-- anything picked up in the same plaza/area is “found money”-- Think of what it can turn into 2-3 years later when you are doing all the surrounding stores!

Edit- LOL, I’m a couple weeks late-- good you dodged a bullet @dgalkin lol!


I’ve been in the window cleaning business for twelve years now, and have come across bids like this. what i have come to understand is this low bids come from mop and bucket cleaners, new upstarts that have no clue how to bid.They come and go, they get window jobs, but can’t make a living from it. Be patient, they well eventually quit, just continue what your doing, offer a fair price for a job well done.


It depends on what the customer is looking for. If they want a "Company " to clean their windows then they will have to pay more money. Yhe advantage to hiring a company is guaranteed service.

Alternatively they have the option of hiring an individual who cleans glass as a side job. These guys will always be there but they cant guarantee they will be there tomorrow so the customer has to constantly find a new guy or wait for a new guy to come around.

Guys like this give bussinesss owners the allusion that the individual represents a company and they have been trained by their perception to think that your price should be the same. They dont realize you offer a different value.

You have to sell the extra value and justify yoir price if you want the job.


1.5 hours job, $35 is “already expensive”

sounds like she’s thinking in terms of employee wages

or her budget from corporate is

or she’s paying out of a tiny little manager “petty cash fund” or something


You said it. The manager might have 100 dollars to spend monthly on “maintenance”. Window cleaning is not a priority to many. I like the saying “The window cleaner is the first to go” when it comes to cutting costs. Understandable, but we are all expendable…