Storefront Frustration


You just answered your own question. The endgame, when building a storefront route, is to have every single job in a block or plaza (if possible). If you have multiple jobs in one tight area then you are not wasting time driving between work. You can afford to have slightly lower prices because of the volume and concentration of work.

You are viewing this as “What is the value of this job” when the real question that route guys ask is “What is the value of this block/plaza” You have to view each job as an opportunity to get the other jobs.


Most people in cleveland would be around $20 for the bottom one. The expensive cos would charge $50 in alot of cases


Currently doing 500k per year in storefront, we don’t do ANY residential, no midrise, no high rise, no pressure washing, no awnings.

It’s taken me 24 years to get where we’re at. Oh, and I do not operate my business at the top of its game … yet.

You’re looking for people that want your services, that have the money to pay you, and WILL pay you … YOUR REASONABLE PRICE. It’s not about “getting every store in a strip”. That almost never happens, a pipe dream really.

Just had an Xfinity store shew my tech away this morning: “we got somebody cheaper.” Yep, agreed to regular service, didn’t bother to call until we showed up. Which means when translated, “I just hooked up my nephew, sorry sucker you lose. And, I have no idea what professionalism is.” But we added four more stores just today as well. Adios Xfinity, we’ll see you in the funny papers.


Do you send your guys out solo , or do you pair them up ? Or some solo some together ?

Commission if they pick accounts up ?

Do you have more part time guys , or full time ?


Solo 99.9 percent of the time.

I stare in amazement when I see two guys working together on a route of tiny jobs. Knowing full well that drive, setup, “set-down”, and paperwork time is doubled with pairings. Makes no mathematical sense, and hurts the tech’s pay directly, sense they are paid by the piece. Also, no two techs will ever be the same speed, and resentment will fester.

Part time and full time. Four full timers to four part times currently.

Tech sales are paid two months of new location value either directly on-boarded or just leads that pan out. That being said my techs pick up very little new work, though, they’re usually just focused on their jobs, which I’m ok with. Don’t expect your techs to be a substitute for a direct sales department and money spent on digital marketing.


Greenlight - Is most of this work in the greater metropolitan Houston Area ? 500k in storefront is very impressive. Your Website advertises Residential ; Did you give it up / never do it ? Why is it on the Website as a service if so ? I agree if done correctly can be very profitable.


I’m partnered with another company here in Houston, they give me all their commercial leads, I give them all my residential. We do zero residential.

Houston metro only. We’re not in Baytown for example.

My SEO company likes to have residential on my site to help drive traffic.