Storefront Canvassing: Price. Scope. Schedule


Cavassing Card at door

I love this guys videos.


Thank you sir.:facepunch:


Weekly accounts rock especially when they are exterior ONLY.

Build a tight route and fill the week, then your set for the next 52 weeks and beyond.


im trying too avoid weekly, don’t want too much commitment lol


I know it was a long video but by going in at weekly you use schedule to leverage price.

Most wont go for weekly but as schedule decreases price increases thus yielding a higher price than had you gone in initially with the agreed upon schedule.


Wrong answer.


lol i dont want to hire workers so im being selective with what i take on. we have an existing client base for flooring that we built. we grew it organically referral by refferal. once im more versed in windows and can accurately gauge time frames ill start growing resi.

i do well mostly part time.


Awesome vid my man! Do you happen to have a vid on your prius setup?


That’s a great way to build a great route or even residential base, target the types of stops or homes and clients that will fit into your business (self employment) plan.


yes sir it’s been the best way for us ladt few years. so much less stress! and easier money and better customers.


Stay tuned to WCR youtube channel. There will be a new series coming in 2018 and episode one will answer your question. Lots of folks been asking me about the Prius, so it should hold some value to talk about it.


Awesome! I cant wait, ive been trying to tweak my prius setup as well


Anyone else had any success leaving business card with price in storefront doors?


That’s how outta done if they aren’t open, I get call backs months later sometimes. Just write a price on it.


Cool. Im going to have to put this into practice.