Store front pricing ( I know this has been asked)


That makes sense. I recently did my first job and bid way too low so I am just paranoid ill do it again(you probably saw the thread about it)


Is there a more constructive way to view it?


I learned alot and it is a good account to have in order to build my skills while getting paid.


How many storefronts do you have, that are re-occuring on a weekly, 2x a month or monthly service program?


I never do that…

I just wanted to know how much experience you have dealing with route work.


Some. Thanks


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50 is high if you ask me, that job would take 20 or 30 min tops. Idk your market though, so that’s just mine. I’d be at 40, 45 tops


Yeah it is hard for me to bid based on how long it will take me because I am probably 3x slower than the average pro. My formula I think was 5 bucks for both sides of the big windows and I think 2 bucks for others. I kind of based my price off that formula. Very well could be too high though.


How long do you think it will take “you” to do it. (Inside and out.)


Probably an hour and a half right now but maybe I will be faster. It seems pretty simple but my first account I was super slow. I know I will get faster though I am naturally good at working with my hands.


Way to high bro, like you said you’re not a pro yet so you gotta bit the bullet untill youre fast enough to make the real money. Just my opinion.


Thanks for the honesty. I just want to bid it right so later on I won’t regret it. A price side would be an easier formula for me till I get up to speed.


I just put the $50 because of the possibility of tables and chairs in the way on the insides and having to work around and over them. But I can’t really tell what the inside looks like


That not to bad on time, if you keep at it and learn to use a pole efficiently jobs like that will go quick.

(That’s about a 30min job give or take a bit)

I would quote a job like that at $60 in /out per service. I would bid it as a weekly service.

I shoot for $2 a min.

Remember you won’t win every bid. But the ones you do you will like.

@Jonathan31 remember that a lot of restaurants pay through the corporate office.


But, if it is a weekly service shouldn’t it be less not more than the $50? I would think your more maintaining them instead of cleaning them?



Restaurants like that will always be dirty with hand prints and food smudges on the glass and frames.

So I wouldn’t discount for more services, because it’s the same amount of work.


I see your point. Was just curious because I don’t have a weekly yet and was thinking besides the doorways it would be some what clean


i would be careful about pricing low just because someone isn’t up too par with seasoned cleaners.

so much harder too raise rates when you’ve developed a cheap reputation imo.

youll get referrals from thos customers and it wont be to high paying clientele but like minded people.

thats our experience with floor cleaning and flooring for the 8-1/2 years. Already in two month we’ve added nearly $10k too our window cleaning.

it’s definitely intimidating when starting out we’ve helped and others well wouldn’t be helped


we just picked up a weekly pizza place always greasy handprints