Stolen Trailer UPDATED


Well, here are the photos. as you can see the things is just scrap. I got it back on Friday just before 5pm. My friend even joked around saying “at least they didn’t take off the lettering” and just as we pulled up to the trailer, well they tried to remove the lettering too.

Good times.

As for the guy who asked why I don’t have money? Thats a really good question. The answer is: because I have a black freaken cloud over my head thats been following me now for a couple years. I don’t know man. Bills start to pile as I wait for checks, when they come in I pay the bills and then we start over. I just don’t man.

I could work alot more than I do, but I’m happy. Just not when things like this come up. And before you state the obvious, let me answer you by saying this; I came close to loosing my family because I was working so much. Work just is not that important. Its necessary but not number one in my book. However, I’m still working on the balance there because not being able to bounce back right away stings.

Same day it happened my phone starts ringing more than in the last 6 months and all for crazy high paying gigs that I’m having to turn down-last minute stuff that can’t be rescheduled (a photo shoot etc…)

I have all the basic stuff I need. Poles you know. Just not waterfed. But you’ll see how ghetto I get til I get me some new carbon fiber. I’m turning some regular poles into waterfed’s. They are STILL lighter than the tucker! Crazy.

Anyhow, here are the photos.


Man, what a great post. I love your honesty. I doubt you are in the same boat as me, but this post at least lets me be vulnerable enough to explain my story.

I don’t know about you, but long story short- I started my business out of necessity. Because we were young stupid kids who accumulated debt. Some situations were out of our hands, but a lot of it was willing (cars, eating out WAY too much, trips, etc.). We also didn’t pay taxes for 2 years when I started my “business” and she started styling hair as a sole prop. Well, let me say this. If you don’t pay taxes on any income, you will get a surprise at the end of the year even if you think you have a ton of write offs. Anyway, we started paying high interest stuff instead of low interest IRS bills and they just kept stacking up. So, here I am with my almost 1.5 year old boy, manning up and really giving this window and blind cleaning thing a shot. My point is, some of us may have built our businesses out of necessity. Whether it be tragedy/invariables that led to debt or complete negligence and immaturity (my story), some guys may HAVE to start a business and why not something we are already good at. Even though I may receive a lot of checks in my best month, shit comes up. More employees with longer hours = more money, more gas, more equipment, that watered pole you’ve been looking at, the other truck you had to buy, higher tax bracket (or even just starting to pay current on top of your back taxes, like me). I didn’t even think twice when he said he couldn’t afford it. Also, I work only 6 months out of the year, besides blind repairs, I am a chipmunk during the summer, I have to stash my cash somewhere so we can pay off the $6000+ a month recurring debt that we’ve accumulated over the past 7 years. And yes, don’t forget the babies needs, they seem like they come out of nowhere.

I want to clarify that I love what I do. It took a lot of hard work and mental breakdowns and tears to get to where I’m at. I have no education, no business experience. I just have a passion for what I do and a couple of good guys/mentors/family members to help me through when times are rough (the freaking winter and let’s be honest, the really busy months, too). I have found something in myself that I didn’t know was there. I’m honestly proud of myself and I think a very essential and positive feeling to have for your own self is pride.

ANYWAY. Just wanted to be real for a bit. I COMPLETELY hijacked the thread.



Keep pushing brother, hard work and diligence it will pay off in the end.


Yeah, sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? That includes the mortgage, car loans (including business), salon rent, wife’s school loans, credit cards, business subscription services, blah blah . The only reason why I am pushing forward and growing my business is because it’s the ONLY way to do it and keep my body healthy, as well as my relationship with my wife and kid. Like Thor said, it’s so many variables and marriage is a huge one that I did not even mention.


I did it out of necessity too. Thing is; I’m not the only one who can’t afford stuff. Every window cleaner in my area is pretty much in the same boat. Sometimes we make a boatload of money. Most times especially lately, we don’t. Its still better than working for someone else as far as income go’s.

I got audited by the IRS for the tax year of 2011 because my crew leader’s wife (at the time when he was working with me) did my taxes because I’ve paid every year and he was getting money back! So she did it alright, but did it wrong. The line where it says other income? She put like 11 grand there and I got back like 1500 bucks or so. Cool right?


The irs guy was young and smart as a whip man. He knew I wasn’t trying to cheat after I was there for 2 minutes. He said so who else do you work for? What? Nobody. I don’t have time for a job.

He said, I thought so too. So why did you put 11 grand for this line here? I didn’t. I don’t know what the hell that is. What does it say?

You didn’t prepare the taxes? So who did? where is her stamp? She certified? I’m like I don’t freaken know. Am I in trouble or something cuz I’ll sell that chick down the river right now (ha ha just kidding)

Anyhow, he did my taxes for me, I owe like 5 grand for that year. So I know what its like.

I find it extremely hard to believe that everyone here has coin all the time. Nah, I don’t think so. Unless you guys are loaded to begin with. Otherwise, I’m calling bull.


I think you’re right. Here’s what’s tough. In the service business, you are never in fluctuating demand like other contractors. Painters, carpenters, floor installers, landscapers. When the market is hot, it’s freaking hot! You’re not working at $65 an hour anymore (which isn’t bad in a down economy), you’re working at $200, solo. For window cleaners it’s like, "ok, let’s raise our cost per pane by $1 this year. Woo, fricken hoo. But, at least we have consistency? And also, it’s easy, fun, skilled work and your customers are usually really freaking cool (I do all residential).


Man. You guys got quite the stories. Keep plugin away I guess…


i have previous debt too, i get it.


Let me tell you, it takes a long time and a lot of work to dig out of a hole.
I got laid off from my 22 1/2 year job at the newspaper in 2006; (The recession was just getting started). It was good money, but my ex-wife was expensive. I worked a few odd jobs that would show up on my radar, but few people were hiring because the down turn of the economy for the next few years. '07 I decided To find a gig that I could do on my own and employ myself - yes, otherwise known as self-employed! lol
After searching for ideas on an affordable start up business, and the owner at the bike shop saying he kept himself in money at college washing windows, I thought - "That will do. There is thousands and thousands of windows that need to be cleaned and I am pretty detail oriented, so I’ll do that. Watch vids, read blogs, talked with S.C.O.R.E. reps and launched my plan to get debt free by my own making the Summer of 2008. Quit my bike shop job in July '08 because the manager was a complete a-hole and I was done with regretting going to work there everyday. August 2008 I had catastrophic mountain bike crash and had a compression fracture of my T-8 vertebrae and they had to helicopter me out of the forest for a 45 minute flight to the trauma center. I had intended to start my window cleaning business starting September, but it got moved to December for obvious reasons. Seven months after the crash, after recuperating and getting back on the bike, I took 3rd place in a local mountain bike race. I was whole again but the whole ordeal cost me money BIG time. I had my equipment but I was starting from scratch money wise. Slowly is was able to land some decent paying jobs but it was touch and go for a while. Bounce ahead to September 2013 and I was in a major auto accident that totaled my truck and sent me by ambulance to the hospital with 8 broken ribs, fractured clavicle, dislocated shoulder, torn rotator cuff, and a partial collapsed lung. Goodby to any cash I built up. April 2014, after being completely healed from the crash, I am at the emergency room because I have flu like symptoms and a deep long drawn out cough that causes an umbilical hernia. They send me home with some meds for a urinary tract infection, but I am back the following week in much worse shape, they keep me overnight to find out what is wrong. That overnight extended to 42 days in the hospital with a bacterial infection of my aortic valve that came close to killing me! The doc said if I had not been in such good health going in, there would have been nothing they could do for me and I would have died! I was near death when he told me that, so it took a day or so to sink in! After much care and steroid/blood treatment/assorted meds they thought I was fixed and released me May 2014. July 2014 I was back feeling not so well, they sonogramed me and said I need open heart surgery right away. They replaced my dead aortic valve with a bovine valve and released me later the following week with Home Health Care for 5 weeks. September 2014 I restarted my business with an Astro van I bought off of a friend who had a catastrophic mountain bike accident in a race in Georgia that left him paralyzed from the waist down. (He bikes 20+ miles today with a hand cycle). SO basically after all of that and losing my money twice I restarted my original plan 6 years after my first attempt. The last two years I have been building up enough to mostly survive the upcoming slow Summer season to see the Fall save me for another year. SO, where does the money go it was asked? Life. Life is what eats up our money. Keep at it and find those customers who are not effected by the economy. That one piece of advice right there is what I have hung on to that one of my customers said early on and that was - “The economy does affect me because people who have money buy what I sell.” He is a wine merchant…LOL People with money buy luxury services. So the moral of this story is, no matter what happens with this business (short of physical inability) pick up and do it again.


Wait, so you went into the hospital April 2014 but came out in May 2008?
Edit: all fixed, never mind. :slight_smile:


Hey man I’ve got a vinyl plotter. If you have that art, I’ll cut it for the cost of the vinyl and shipping if that’ll help ya. Pm me.


Hah, good catch, my proof reading skills suck. Fixed.


Lol I saw that went back to check and you’d already fixed it. What’s this guy talking about? Haha.


That’s such a crazy story though. Glad you’re okay!


Thanks. Not one I’m willing to repeat, that’s for damned sure.


Try going into debt to buy a crap franchise. One thing that helped us was Dave Ramsey. Download his podcast and just absorb it while you work. We were in debt with employees and decided we needed an emergency fund. We scrimped and saved and eventually our emergency fund was up to where we could meet payroll for 4 weeks (above income). Then I’d buy an extra tool here and there, because stuff breaks and you have to replace or (worst case) stuff get stolen and you have to replace it.

Having an “extra” 5 grand sitting there is a nice cushion for these sorts of things. It’s painful to get there, but you do sleep better at night. Well, other than worrying that an employee is going to quit or that you have enough jobs to provide for employees and family. Or any of the other hundreds of things we have to worry about.


It’s nice to hear other stories of starting off in major debt. Not that it’s nice but I feel much better. I too am in major debt. I have been for 8 years now and I’m only 32. Dealing with debt snd split familes and blah blah…Like you guys say, keep plugging away. It won’t be forever and the fact that we never give up means something. And when we look back from retirement, we can feel accomplished for pulling out of the shit hole. What ever age it happens at. I dont want to be rich. I want to feel comfortable and when the day comes that I don’t live week to week, worried about having gas and my 2 kids; that day is what “rich” Will feel like.

Thank you guys for your honest stories. Fuel for the fire.


WHAT! No way man! You’re awesome man. Soon as i get home I’ll pm you.


When my wife lost a kidney February, 2013 we had too much debt and ended up with a bankruptcy December, 2014. I had worked out of town for many, many years due to the limited small town job market situation but I had to quit my good paying job with benefits to move back to assist her.
A really good soul hired me to be the Maintenance Supervisor for his cleaning (janitorial/carpet cleaning) company. He had no enthusiasm for WC but once he showed me how to str8 pull I started doing all the WC so he added it as an additional service for the janitorial clients.
After two years I bought the company (December 30, 2015). I had to do an early withdrawal cash out of my IRA (20% to IRS up front and the additional revenue from the remaining 80% put me into a higher tax bracket). The cost of capital just is what it is.
I have acquired three new janitorial accounts and have been getting WC and carpet cleaning jobs so things are progressing. I can afford to have my employee taking care of my janitorial clients while out of town most of this month assisting my wife with her initial dialysis treatments. I might get a bit of WC and carpet cleaning work while out of town. I’m really glad to have a portable source of revenue.


Good to hear! You deserve everything that it brings you and your wife and I hope you continue on a steady path.