Stolen Trailer UPDATED



You know what, I spoke way too soon.

I forgot a few things:

  1. The promises I have made to everyone I love. (what am i teaching my son?)

2)You’re a coward (why wouldn’t YOU call the cops as soon as you seen me?)

  1. Beating you like a puppy is too easy. The hard part is to call the cops. So, going against everything I know and feel I’m going to keep my word to those I love and let you be in peace, but I WILL get my stuff back and the cops will unfortunately have to be used.

Things…are not worth breaking my son’s heart over.

You are very lucky…



Do you have any tools left?


Havent seen it yet.
Its at the tow yard where they want 270$ I don’t have to recover it.

After noon tomorrow it will be 308 bucks. I have a job tomorrow but they won’t pay til tuesday. This will be interesting and I still may loose my trailer.


Dang… this sounds like that one scene from the movie Taken.


I sent you a PM. If anyone has his phone number let him know please.


Hey Dee,
Got your PM. Just responded.

Everything will turn out fine. It always does.

Sure is a wake up call tho. How easily things can go upside down. That little episode so far has cost whatever dollar amount for the tools, 2 jobs on friday totaling 750$, and the tow fees. So far we’re almost at a grand.


That sucks bro
Sorry to hear. Id be most upset about lost jobs. Tools can be replaced. Hard to get jobs back if even possible


True. They both rescheduled for this week tho. I could have been doing other jobs tomorrow and Tuesday if it wasn’t for this is what I meant tho, you know?


Sorry bro that trailer was like a window cleaning lab.
It’s time for that special shank!

Crazy story… Gonna look for a gps tracker for my trailer


I wouldn’t jump the gun and assume a window cleaner stole it. They dumped your trailer because it can easily be tracked. Think about it, why would a window cleaner steal your stuff? They should have their own already.


I would have thought that had they dumped the tools but kept the trailer. These tools don’t have a large resale market, I wouldn’t think. Not one that would stay off of our radars.


I just got home. I went to the tow yard where it was…it may not be a window cleaner after all. I took photos too but their on my phone and its a pain in the neck to upload from the phone and got a ton of stuff to do, but man…it looks like they even swept the floor with a broom man. They took EVERYTHING. It looks like when I first bought it, bare walls man. They even took the screws from every single attachment on the walls and roof and floor!

The LEDS, the electrical cables, ALL the pvc plumbing I mean EVERYTHING.

Dude, thats got TWEAKER written all over it. If it was a window cleaner, a normal one, they’d have got all the good stuff and ditched the rest right? They took stupid stuff.

They even took the aluminum wheel fenders man.

Crazy man.

Its alright tho. I needed to revamp that old thing anyway. Time for a better look. and yes GPS. Thats the first thing the cops asked me is if I had that. I don’t know why I didn’t do that either. I could’ve done that so easily! Dang.


Agreed. Which is why I still have hope.
I went to the street where it was found and spoke with 2 different families who live there. One of the homes has camera’s that cover where the trailer was so they took my card…hopefully they will get back to me with good news.

Messed up thing is the cop was so happy that he found it, I’m nearly positive he believes the case is done…so I’m calling now to make sure they are looking or are going to look for the tools.


Make it easy on yourself and just email yourself the photos. You can fidget with them on the computer easier later.


Hate to be negative but why dont you have any money?

Anyone who has had a business long as you should have something?




I would just move on. If it was just a run of the mill thief you might have gotten something back. But they took everything and sold it for pennies on the dollar. It is a waste of time to investigate yourself. Even if they do get caught there is not going to be any restitution if they are broke drug addicts.

Some day they will be caught and locked up. Why waste your own time and money when you could be rebuilding your business? In the grand scheme of things, this is a small setback. For a couple hundred bucks your back on your feet with the basic gear.


Not sure if this is a part of it, but the feeling of closure and justice can’t just be purchased.


That’s too bad. Good luck with everything.

Hopefully karma kicks their ass.