Stolen Trailer UPDATED


Went to my jobsite this morning to pick up my trailer to move on to the next job…but looks like crackhead Bob got to it first.

Had ALL of my poles in it.
Brand new stack ladder only used once.
3 harnesses
3 Stop/Slow paddles
Pure water system I built myself, with equipment irreplaceable such as lab grade tds meters etc.
2 Unger 5 piece sectional poles (the green ones)
3 Etorre 3 piece sectional poles (gold ones)
ALL my squeegees (5 or 6 Sorbo’s with (3) 24" channels, (4) 18", and 2 or 3 small cut channels for cut ups…6 ettore handles, including one zero degree and who knows how many channels)

This list can go on for another hour. Almost ALL my equipment was in there. My business just took a huge kick to the balls.


Even if it’s a huge hassle, keep your stuff where you can see it.

Unfortunately we live in a world of cowards and punks. Yeah, I stole stuff when I was a kid. BUT I ALWAYS DID IT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE AND LET THEM KNOW I WAS DOING IT.

It don’t justify it, but for me?
If I got JACKED? I’d actually feel better about it. Because at least I could’ve done something about it or chose not to.


Sorry to hear that @thorSG1. That really sucks. Assuming inland marine on your insurance policy will cover it?


Ouch that’s a huge hit! Check if any neighboring properties had a security cam going - it might help to track down the low life scum bags.


Oh, WOW! Sorry to read this. I hope you can recover some of this.
Oviously you filed a police report. Start looking on Craigslist, ebay, and pawn shops. Post some pictures up and a detailed list and where you live I’ll help you do some searching online.i


Dang and I was salty when a tool box was stolen… sorry about your luck.


Yea that sucks man. definitely watch craigslist, i had my truck radio stolen once, saw it on craigslist an hour later, set up a meeting near my local bar to “buy” it and beat the shit out of the junkie


deepest sympathy, that absolutely sucks.


Wow, so sorry to hear that.


Man sorry to hear that @thorSG1. That really sucks. :disappointed_relieved:


Trailer ain’t covered, no. Only the truck.
@Garry it was parked in a freaken blind spot that I didn’t know about. When I spoke with my client this morning, they called me back letting me know as much.

The cops insinuated that since its so close to the border (you can literally see the fence) that it was probably in Tj by now. I know for a fact that its not, and told them how I know (every day I come in or leave Mexico, I have to show registration for the trailer and it gets searched. If my name don’t match the registration, they send me back to the U.S. and these officials you can’t bribe because there are cameras on them 24/7 plus the military is there looking over their shoulder.)

So its in the U.S. and its probably very close to where it was stolen, as there are about 6 blocks of nothing but junk yards right next door to the property with a whole bunch of area where nobody lives and there are no businesses just empty land and streets.

I have CL set to notify me and certain keywords.
I do believe there’s a slight chance its another window cleaner, maybe just starting (time will give him up eventually).

I’m fairly certain tho its a crackhead trying to make a quick dollar and a half. Just need to find where he gets his crack money.

Thing is, security said the last they saw it was on Wednesday.
I havent been there since Thursday last week.

So they’ve had plenty of time.

@SwissMike that’s awesome! I’ve never been lucky enough for that.


Any chance the property insurance would cover it? Or business insurance? My agent was getting a quote that would include loss off property if I wanted it.

Sure sorry that you are in this bind. If it is a crackhead, he was likely looking for easier tools to pawn. Maybe it will turn up.


Sounds like the stars aligened. It was destined to happen in that scenario. All the cards stacked up.

I bought a locking box for my truck after my tool box was stolen and not a problem since.


Hey, I just wanted to shoot some possible help your way regarding your stolen trailer. While the trailer wasn’t covered under insurance, if it was parked at a job site it MAY be covered under your business insurance. We had a trailer stolen at a building we were working at and the insurance company did not want to cover it at first but we ended up getting not only the cost of the trailer back but all our equipment inside.


That suck Tori , hope you have some extra spare tools to get bye with .


@thorSG1 Hey that sucks brother I feel for you brother I really do… I’ve been there you might remember…

Tory shot me your address in a PM and I shot down some tools I have, its all hand gear (traditional tools) but it may help you get through…
Man that kinda of stuff pisses me off!


Sorry, bro.


think id put a few low key ads out -

son is looking to start window cleaning anybody got a ladder for sale ?


I agree with you, the document check at the border would prevent the trailer from going across. It’s probably headed to San Diego or the LA area, to someone’s cousin.

That thought entered my mind, as well. My older brother used to be a frame carpenter and ran his own crew. He had his trailer of tools stolen out of his front yard…it was locked, chained, etc… (He believes someone who used to work for him stole it.)

Keep us posted.


Well, I just got off the phone with the officer who took the report. He found the trailer really close to one of my other accounts.

It was gutted. EVERYTHING was gone including the mounts for the poles and brush’s etc. The only thing left was a stop/slow paddle.

It was a window cleaner for sure. Thats good news, because I WILL find my stuff too. May not be soon. But I will find it. If you are reading this whoever you are, your best option is to just throw it all away. Because my next step on Monday is getting the footage from the cameras that exit the parking lot and see what color and type of truck you have, and also the footage from the Mobil station on Palm and the 805, or the ones at Kaiser because I know you took side streets to gut the trailer.

If that footage shows nothing, I’ll still see you working somewhere and if I don’t someone will and will let me know because anyone who does will get 300 bucks for calling me and telling me where they seen you.

I WILL find you.

and no, cops won’t be involved. Enjoy your day.


Id hate to be that guy. Lol