Staying productive on rainy days


Rainy days are inevitable & we have no control over them.

I am just starting off & I want to find a way to be productive or as productive as I can on rainy days.

I am thinking I could use these days to go hand out flyers in new markets.

My marketing strategy was going to be mainly to do 5 around & yard signs & hopefilly work referrals as I hear mixed success with just bombing a area with flyers.

However, I rather do that then nothing. I am in Texas & as long as their is not a tornado on the ground or the rare occasion their is ice on the ground, I would not mind being out there trying to gain more business.

Is there a add on you guys do on rainy days?

I see no reason why I could not clean gutters & possibly do the interiors. Lets say I have a few houses lined up, I could go in & do all the interiors & then the exteriors for all of them once it stops raining.

Of course, as long as the homeowner agrees,

These are all just ideas as I have not implemented them, my old boss just gave use the day off when it rained.

I am interested to see how you folks handle rainy days.



In Oregon if we don’t wash windows in the rain we would go broke, especially on the coast were I am, maybe Texas is different.

I have never had a complaint or question about the rain, if it comes up with a customer I let them know that dirt makes your windows dirty- not rain. I guarantee my work and have never had a call back because of rain- and I have worked in some really wet and stormy weather.

The only reason I say this is try just washing in the rain and see if you have issues with your customers. That being said 90% of my work is WFP- don’t know if that makes a difference or not.


In NC we have our share of rainy days in spring/summer and with a full schedule we have no choice but to clean unless it’s a torrential downpour. I also use a WFP on a majority of exterior glass. Throw on a rain jacket and clean. Most of the time it’s just showers on and off so not usually a big deal and customers are usually happy that we clean through the rain on scheduled days vs rescheduling. Have yet to have a customer complain but I always let them know that if there are any issues, just call and we will take care of it.


I still clean as long as it is NOT thunder/lightning or heavy downpours.

On days you can’t clean, make it an extra day to MARKET your business. In the beginning, marketing hardcore is quite necessary to build up your client list, as fast as you can.


Hoosier you always reply & I am thankful for that. If possible I would like to get your contact info to ask a few questions.


I wonder if WFP vs trad makes a difference?

Sounds like I will be cleaning in the rain as much as I can.


Shoot me your number or e-mail address, and we can talk.




I don’t reschedule for rain and I try to encourage clients not to be concerned about rain.

Note the Sou’wester in my avatar pic. I wear my old fishing hat to be comfortable in the rain, not to be fashionable.


Yep, I’d much rather wfp than trad in the rain. Detailing towels get soaked quickly