Starting business with a partner


I don’t post a lot here, just absorb as much as I can and learn from all the posts. I’ve been looking for info on the topic of people who have started a window cleaning business with a partner and can’t really find much. So I’m looking for any tips, pros/cons, do’s/don’ts for starting this business with someone else.


There’s a podcast somewhere on this website about successful partnerships. And the website is filled with great info


Hi there. Why are you deciding to do it with a partner as opposed to alone?


Well let me tell the whole story. I’ve honestly been wanting to start this business for a couple years now. But, a mortgage and two kids later it’s been kind of hard. I’m now starting to finally see some time where I can get this off the ground. My friend and I have always dreamed of running our own business and I ran this idea past him a few weeks ago and he is 100% on board. He’s been doing the research that I’ve been doing for years now and says he’s ready to start knocking on doors tomorrow. I feel like we have a perfect blend. Between my people skills, hard work and customer service knowledge, and his experience of working construction, long days, up and down ladders and roofs is just another day to him. Plus I feel maybe in the beginning it can help to have someone else there to feed off of and help when you hit the inevitable bump in the road. Trust me I’ve heard the old saying of never going into business with family/friends. But there has to be some success stories out there. Very, very little competition in our area, we both just honestly feel this could be a good thing. Side note, absolutely love this site, and never miss a podcast. Shoutout to Jersey for every week giving me that little extra boost to quit dreaming and start doing! Thanks in advance for everyone’s input!


Dave Ramsey says the only ship that won’t sail is a partnership. I’ve heard multiple times that nine out of 10 partnerships fail. that being said my business is a partnership and though it’s been difficult in some ways it’s an asset in others. but I think we have some unusual commitments that will help make our partnership successful in the long run.


from this post it sounds like you’re focusing only on the upside, you need to be realistic about the downsides of partnership for example you won’t have exclusive decision control. as well as every time you get a house you’re only making half the money. I’m not saying don’t do it but just don’t be wearing Rose colored glasses.


It’s great to see new people wanting to get into this business.Do you mind if i ask what exactly your work backround is previous to this.Your partner will be up and down ladders alot more frequently compared to his days in construction!!
Have you both considered testing the waters for a few weeks/months to see how it goes and also how you get along working together?Dont forget this could possibly make you both want to see each other less outside of work!As has been mentioned every penny earned will be split down the middle which would include any days or weeks one of you might be out sick.Something that could potentially cause conflict.
Will you both be travelling and working in the same van/truck or plan on covering more ground having seperate work vehicles???
I would suggest both of you buying a mop and squeegee to practice cleaning windows on your own homes in the meantime.

Genuinely hope it works out if you go ahead with it.

P.S. Welcome to the future of aches and pains you never knew could happen in parts of your body!!


@alex and I have been doing this as a partnership for 11.5 years now. There’s been a lot of ups and downs for sure… But it was worth doing. I don’t think the business would work if either of us dipped out.

I suppose if you really compliment each other’s skill sets it can work.

I’ve read endless stories about partnerships going badly though. Usually, it comes down to 1 person feels like they are working harder than the other.

My suggestion would be to pre-write an exit agreement. make a plan of exactly what will happen and how it will work if 1 person decides they want out.


Thanks! I actually was able to find a helpful article there. Appreciate it


Thanks for the advice! I’ve definitely taken into consideration the financial aspect of it. I’m sure there will be difficult times. But hopefully they’ll be few and far between…


I work in a machine shop. Work 4-12 with really no end in sight of getting off that shit. We will definitely be testing the waters in the beginning. We plan on practicing on our homes and family members here soon. We will probably start off in just one truck. We’re gonna have a sit down here soon and really go through all the details, to hopefully make us that 1 in 10 that does survive!


See I knew there was a success story out there! I’m curious to hear more about an exit agreement. Sounds like a solid idea, but How do I approach that to my partner without sounding like a jerk? “Hey in the event we end up wanting to kill each other, we’ll do this…”