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Ok, I buy the marketing blue print, I read it, I like it, I start putting the book to to action. I will of course read it maybe once a month going forward to at least review and refresh the content and apply what ever I need at that moment in time.

My biggest problem at this moment in time is putting together an infrastructure of 1st stage business systems. I have over thought this whole thing. I see the office in my mind, many truck on the road, business booming. The phone is ringing off the hook and all that fun stuff.

What I’m trying to dial into is what exact systems do I need to have in place at the stage in business when you are the only person. I do not want to skip this step because things will get crazy quick. I do not want to abandon the process of systemizing thing from the get go in order to grow appropriately.

Some might think just get out and get customers and start working. I am not thinking like that. I am thinking bigger. I do not want to be a mile wide and an inch deep. I want to be an inch wide and a mile deep.

I am hoping that someone out there is picking up what I am laying down and can offer some action steps so I can get this machine ready to launch into orbit.

Thank you in advance.


Get the book “the e-myth”. Basically as a one man show you start creating a system for window cleaners. Then when you hire you train them. Then you go on and create a system for a sales person, admin, etc.

As for prebuilt systems… Maybe Josh Latimer’s book… I dunno.


You mentioned in another post you wanted to stick to a 2 person setup, now you are saying “many trucks”.

Before getting ahead of yourself will the area you live in support “many trucks” I just say that coz where I am I would be dreaming in a population of 55,000 people to have “many trucks”, I’m sure you have a few million to service and will have no trouble amassing all those trucks.


First, take small steps: Get out and do
Second: Become proficient so that you can teach
Third: Separate your income into percentage categories.
(Buy “Profit First” to learn this).
Fourth: Reach a point where you have dialed in filling the schedule
Fifth: Repeat so that it is ingrained into you


“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” ~ Louis Pasteur


You should write this stuff down in a notebook or binder of some sort.


That you are planning - thinking of Systems and procedures, is a good sign that you are considering the importance of details and being efficient and consistent.

I agree with Chris, to begin making notes of procedures and begin to experiment with different methods to streamline your business / work life. I am a detail oriented guy and soon discovered that it was just important to pay attention to the non - window cleaning details of my business as the actual cleaning time. It’s like a flow-chart either on paper or in your head. When "A " happens I do " B ". If " B " is yes do " C ". If " B " is no do " D "…etc.

The reason is to discipline me and keep me focused on my goal and purpose. Good for business, customers, and personal life. Book Recommendation : SMALL BUSINESS - BIG LIFE


Steve, I have 1.2 million in my county alone. Also I may have said that I was starting out as a one man crew, two man crew, or ten. I don’t think that matters as much as the structure around it. Also the system I put in place to get a two man crew going will be the a similar system to build to a 10 man crew if done correctly.

Thank for the feedback, challenging questions are an amazing way to force the brain to work through problems that may not other wise come up ontill to late. So keep it coming.:+1:


Jared, I read the e-myth also. Great information. Just can be an information overload and can be hard to lazer in on the logical steps. Sometimes you here the same thing being said but the way it is said can make it all click in your mind.

This Latimer book you mentioned. Is this another emyth spin off, but specific to our industry? I am interested in hearing more about this guy.



Hello Garry,

About two years ago I wrote a mental skills training curriculum. Smart goals, self talk, imagery. All three modules where based upon creating a more growth minded person. This could be applied to any area of life.

Thanks for the response, I almost forgot about it until I read your response.


Chris, I have stuff written down all over the place. They say that if you write it down it has a more higher chance of coming to life.

I would like to say to you on a personal note. I love the information in your book. a real game changer. My only problem may be I got the information two early in the game and now I am like a heat seeking Missile, smooth out of control. Well that’s not really a bad thing but how could I attempt anything without considering the bigger picture you drew out for us in 4K clarity.

I would love to have a chance to pick your brain apart and get deeper into the layers of the onion.:+1::+1:


WDW, and finally the last response. I agree with everything you are saying. It all makes great sense. Thank you for laying it out for me and recognizing that I am trying to do it not only the right way but the way but the way that could potentially have life changing results.

One last thing to everyone, I really appreciate everything you have shared. I try to absorb it all, I may even forget and ask a similar type question. But everyday I take some kind of action and everyday I am evolving in the right direction. While money is motivating and essential. For me it is the by product of building and running a successful business.