Stalkers Be Like


Where’s @Bailey? Super smart people stuff like @Bruce and Kevin Dubrosky’s stuff get stalked by some people. Of course I’m not one of those people, that’s just silly! But I’m asking for all of the nameless creepy stalkers that enjoy reading very intelligent peoples content just wondering if @bailey is still around? I don’t think his website is working anymore… At least the one on his profile. Who else would you say consistently has the most valuable content on this forum? link their name and make 'em famous! :slight_smile:



Everything he says is just so amazing!! You should take my word for it!! He is not a genius but is very intelligent and clever, and thatsvgets him very far in this world!!


lol clever. might I add intelligent?


Bruce, Tory; plenty others consistently provide quality information.


Right off the top of my head?
@Bruce @jhans @wcs


10’s of thousands of post read on my free time over the years. Learned from so many forum members past and present the list would go on for pages of insightful information and members (THANKS!)

The one piece of advice I would give read learn and apply the knowledge you gain to your personal life and business.