SRC Pads for WFP work


Ever had a job where the brush just didn’t cut through the crud? Would you like to try something else? How about a pad based on special abrasives harder than the crud but softer than the glass. SRC Chew Pads for WFP work. No brush needed. Plus they help to make the glass hydrophylic. I can send you some flat felt treated with a slow release coating based on a plastic compositional abrasive right now. I will have to limit these however. And need to know what dimensions you want.



Very interested in this Henry! I regret that I don’t have enough WFP to justify asking for a pad, but for future reference are you thinking it will remove hard water, or light hard water spots? Roughly how long do you think they will last?


We are testing to understand longevity. And yes the pads are also made circular for light stain removal of water spots. For this they must spin. But some agitation should remove very light spotting. Should also help to make water sheet.


Interesting! Can’t wait to see them work!


You’ll send them for free for us to test them out or they cost money?


No cost. I am looking for good beta testers now to help me during the developmental phase. Although I am limited as to how many betas I can take on. Further I need agreements that you will definitely do the testing and report back. I am very grateful to anyone that would like to work with me on this project. Already I have had many inquiries. I am making progress. Just waiting on the first thirty felt pads with a velcro back to come in for coating. I already have all the powders and chems to coat them.



i’ll try one. do lots of wfp


was at a job this week thats an old acct amd they didn’t mentioned they used that tangle feet stuff for birds :triumph:

ruined my gardner brush. now looking for something else


I would be glad to do beta testing for you again. I don’t experience very much hydrocarbon based crud but I want something that will go to town on pollen.

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You got it Malcolm! You have been my best beta.

And yes. Brushes probably all have a life. So something that works better and has a known life and costs way less and does way more;…might be better.



Still waiting for my Velcro pads to come in to coat. Should be in within a couple days. Squeegeemike if you could send me your shipping address. My email is



Had something similar to me happen. I ran my tucker red brush over some windows that were second story that had that glazing compound that oozes out and is always sticky and never seems to dry. Took the brush off that night, went to my kitchen sink and emptied and cleaned the sink, poured a thin film of titan oil-flo in the sink and worked the bristles into the brush, splaying the bristles flat and really working it in. Did this for about 2-3 minutes then rinsed it (oil-flo is water soluble) and then cleaned the brush head with a DROP of Dawn, rinsed for 2 minutes to make sure all soap was out, and then it was good to go. I started doing it to all my brushes about once a week now to clean them and remove any oils or gunk I may not even be able to see.


Just an update. The Velcro Pads are in. I made a new formula the other day and have coated one of the six inch pads. Waiting for it to dry right now. Then I should test it myself before I send out to my ten betas. I am making progress. Will definitely be doing some expo videos too. If you watch the video that the AWC did on our friend Jared you will understand that product development is a drawn out process. I choose to do it with you. Much more fun for both of us !

Here is Jared’s Interview one more time.


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