My first thought was, “Why do I need this, we’re the second highest rated/most reviewed company in my city on google, and the highest rated/most reviewed on Yelp, and Facebook?”


One more listing for your company on google search (hopefully first page, if their SEO and your profile are on point).

It’s nice to be highly rated on 3 platforms. This is just one more, that hopefully will carry a little more weight for some buyers than the bogus ratings people give their facebook friends’ businesses

I already dominate my local search, and have the highest ratings along with the largest number of reviews. But I like overkill :laughing:


Got any one star reviews? How did you overcome that? Did it bother you terribly?


one fake review that I was able to get removed from Yelp. We had one customer that was rightfully ticked off. My tech on the job skipped a bunch of glass, and didn’t do a very good job, so I went back with him redid all of the work and didn’t accept payment for the poor experience she had. She never left a positive or negative review, and at the end was happy.


So we’ve decided to make things interesting with a special offer! I wanna take away the risk from some early adopters coming from this forum. What is a grand opening without some give-aways anyhow right?

You will still have to pay the application fee and pass the review.
BTW if you have more than 1 picture to display on this listing you won’t see the blue on the sides of the header. It will be a full width slider.

FOR THE NEXT 5 PEOPLE TO SIGN UP FOR A PREMIUM LISTING (example) It’s 50% off for the first year!
You will still have to pay the application fee and pass the review.

Use this link to apply. If it doesn’t work it’s because the limit has been reached.

And for those of you have already signed up and you are going through the review process it will be the same deal.



Your Website is not Submitting my application form, its really frustrating me. What should I do?


Hmm. I just passed an application through myself. Did you click all the boxes?


Yes I did, and filled them all out correctly.


every time I click on submit it doesn’t do anything.


let me check. I think it might be a promo code issue. Try it without and if it works send an email to support@squeegeehero.com so I know it was you.


I tried without promo code and its still not submitting, is there another way we can process my application, e-mail?


Yes just send an email to support@squeegeehero.com and we’ll send an application form to fill and a payment link. Sorry for this issue! I am working on it now.


Thank You! I just sent an email under hphrwindows@yahoo.com.


Ok the above link has been updated and the form is working. But you don’t have to scroll up again :wink: just use this link to apply. If it doesn’t work it’s because the limit has been reached.


Getting and Nginx 502 bad gateway when submitting.


Hi Justin!

Everything looks good on our end. Your application has been received along with payment. I think Jotform is doing some server maintenance this morning.


How does this work when the area I service has 15 zip codes within 15 miles?

Would I need to pay for each zip code?

And Pay application fee for each one?


Hi Jeff,

No you wouldn’t have to pay for each zip code. Its not based on zip codes but on the individual service areas. You may request a service area up to a 25 mile radius from your desired service area center. When approving service area size requests we take into consideration the population and surrounding metro area. So a service radius in LA or NY would look different than a service radius in Wichita.


So far im impressed by squegee hero and their process of approval. They’ve asked me important and relevant information a legit company would have, and they had me prove via certifications and paperwork my claims. So far so good, ill keep posting. Thanks.


Did they deny you yet? LOL