Sq ft gutter cleaning prices


Yeah I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. It takes a minute for me. Sorry bout that


Yep, just keep reminding them before the job starts that the sight-unseen price is subject to an actual walk through of the job. I seldom do phone quotes, but the few I do is contingent on a visual inspection of the job. That is mentioned in the phone conversation and also at the face to face greeting prior to wetting a mop. They read it in a text or email, hear on the phone, and watch my lips move as I say the words in person. If you just casually mention it and don’t reinforce it a few times they don’t get it.


No worries :wink:


I wouldn’t worry about that as long as in your disclaimer you state price will be confirmed onsite. Recently had someone do a window quote that was off by $400. They passed and im glad, he was an idiot. Yesterday, again someone was off by $400. They understood and accepted our new price.


This is not inherently true for everybody! I can’t stress that enough.

Stop focusing on how you think people are going to react to a given situation. It will only drive you crazy and prohibit you from moving forward.


I don’t know about homeowners not knowing linear ft of gutters. It literally takes me less than 5 minutes to walk out and figure up linear feet on a gutter job. The average joe homeowner can easily do that and it’s simple to understand. Walk the property, multiply your steps by 2.5 and there’s your linear footage. Multiply that by your linear ft price and bingo, your online bid is probably within 5%. I’m not really sure why he’s telling you that home owners either don’t know or don’t know how to count their gutter linear ft.


We price our gutter cleaning jobs at 10 cents per square foot. A 2,500 square foot home would be $250, as long as there are no gutter guards. If there are gutter guards to remove or reinstall, we would add an additional fee to the $250, after taking a look at them and determining how difficult and time-consuming it will be.


Thank you I’m kind of looking at a starting price like that