Spring Tools


Currently making a list of new tools to purchase and try for spring,

Unger nlite brush
Razr Rubber
Samurai Boab (wondering what everyone’s opinion is after a few months of use)
Ettore Super Channel Gold
Legend Channel

Wondering what you guys have planned to purchase and try out


Have you tried scrim?


Quick question Chris. How do you recommend breaking in the scrim. I got the Unger scrim a few years ago and I washed and dried it several times and it seems to leave a lot of lint behind when drying edges. Never used dryer sheets etc…when drying it. I’ve heard drying it breaks it but it seemed to end up leaving a bunch of lint.


Air dry a scrim, same goes for microfiber and washer sleeves.


What’s the difference between that and a huck


Scrim is made from Flax fiber. A huck is a blue or green woven towel, surgical towel. Hucks are sold by the pound. I think you get about 20 hucks in five pounds.


What makes a scrim better though in the way it functions


How about those Xero Fish Scale towels?! Could they be even better than Scrim?? I’ve only used them for a couple of days but I’m in love.

I just got back my Scrim and Fish Scale towels from the tailor shop the other day. I had them cut them in half and hem the edges.


Very absorbant and dry very quickly. One Scrim can last all day compared to using dozens of blue huck towels.

I use Scrim and Fish Scale towels for detailing and I use the blue huck towels for wiping frames and sills.


I have been using my Samurai BOAB for a few weeks now, does anyone have an issue with rubber nicks?




looking forward to using my fish scale towel when it arrives next week .
Might have to take mine as well to the tailor if they are to big as well.


A rig like this !
I just need to rob a bank.




I’m actually working on the Partition 2.0 right now to address some of the issues. It’ll be more durable for when people drop the bucket from height and it’ll have a removable divider.

I’ve gone through like 6 different versions testing, tweaking, changing and I’ve got the next version coming in this week to test. BUT this is the most simple design and I think it’s going to be The One.

The divider will actually be made of a rubber material to better protect squeegees. I still have to test it but like I said, I’m excited about this version.