Sorbo water on edges of glass


I’m used to using the cheap squeegees from Lowe’s and have gotten used to the stiffness of the rubber. I just received my sorbo cobras and the rubber seems taller and flimsier. I feel I don’t have as much control around the edges of the glass, especially when on my extension pole. Am I alone, and if so, can I have some recommendations? Thanks a lot!!!


Hello Officeklean. Welcome to the forum. I do not have Sorbo; but I did a little research. Usually there is a Search function by logo, but for some reason that is not working. Later, do a search on Sorbo after they get the search function fixed. So…you may have a learning curve on your Sorbo Cobra. Are the clips on right? Is the blade in the bottom channel? Are you laying blade into the seal? I see the edge of channel is at 45 degree, and is supposed to eliminate detailing. Be patient with yourself and realize there will be a learning curve. Try taking rubber up to frame, or maybe blade was riding seal and lifted off glass, leaving water. Practice more before you decide, “This thing don’t work.” I have pasted in a quoted comment below from an old thread I found online. Later, the Search function should work, and some other pros will hopefully have chimed in; a number of these folks seem to use Sorbos. So check your thread for a few days and see what the folks say. This site is the best, you will learn a lot. :smirk:

Quote from old thread/ topic:

“Every Sorbo I have ever purchased the clips come with it inserted the wrong way, because of this one of my colleges was dead set certain that they were meant to be in so that they were flush with the end clip however I said that is not right.
Since I got my very first one I put the clips in from the back it wasn’t until years later I saw a video of Sorbo himself explaining how the clips go in and the factory set up you get when they are delivered is WRONG. they are meant to be inserted from the underside so they are not exposed.”


Thanks for the reply. I think I need to keep practicing. As far as the clips are concerned, I think they’re on right.


@Officeklean, Hello. Did a little more research. WCR has Ettore Soren squeegee blades. Here is a review I found at that product page: I liked the Ettore rubber from day one, but when I started using Sorbo I was disappointed with the quality of the rubber. I’ll be honest, I don’t like paying the price, but I will never buy anything else for my channels. It’s last a lot longer than expected, SO IT’S WORTH THE PRICE! PERFECT GLIDE EVERY TIME!!! (Posted on 1/24/2017) There is some opinion that the blade you have may have silicone, which of course is softer than regular blade rubber. Don’t know if you got a boat load of blades with your Sorbo, but you might try ordering up some Ettore rubber: Ettore Soren. Indeed the blade I see in your pic looks flimsy. There are some great vids on Sorbo usage. Am considering some of their huge squeegees. :star_struck:


Thank you!

Unfortunately I bought 50 ft


Another shout for Ettore rubber (master).


Hey, wait, here’s another thought: Buy another squeegee, perhaps an 18 inch Ettore or Unger (Commercial version, not big box.) It won’t break the bank. :thinking: