Sorbo Docket rubber sharpener


Anyone ever use one of these? I think it’s like one of those too good to be true things, but never even seen one close up. If they are any good it would seem like it could save serious money, but no one stocks them so I wonder why. Just looking to see if anyone thinks they are good or what. Thanks.


Tried it many years ago, I get the idea but time consuming.


I have one that I bought about 5 years ago. They do work and I used to use it often. But lately I have not used it much, it is somewhere to be found in my garage. It will be a fun treasure hunt that’s for sure! But if you got a crew or go through a ton of rubbers than one of these can be a money save in the long run just like any other tool.


but how long does it take to shave each rubber vs vost of new rubber, and does it only work with sorbo rubber?


If you save up a bunch of rubbers and do them all at once it does not take to long and is worth it. Doing 1 or 2 rubbers at a time might be worthless. I bought it to try and do Ettore normal rubbers because I had a couple hundred saved up but I could not do it properly with them because the rubber would not sit in the Docket channel straight.


I have one but haven’t used it in quite awhile. There is a learning curve to use it to get the blade trimmed well. But at $4 + per blade, you can save some $$ pretty quickly if you use it regularly. I think I’ll dust mine off again now that it’s come up.